Any advice for working in NZ?

  1. Hi folkies,

    I'm trying to get some more information on working and living in NZ. I'm a District Nursing Sister and I'm in the process of selling my flat and moving to NZ. The good old NHS here in the UK has truly hacked me off so much I want to spread my wings and find a better life for myself.

    I would really, really appreciate any feedback from any (particularly British and NZ) nurses who have worked/are working in NZ or know someone who has been. Could you let me know what the pros and cons were and where are the best places to go. I'm using an exchange agency who have been dead helpful but one of the things they are asking is where I would prefer to work. Quite honestly, I have no preferences as I feel I ought to be flexible but it would be useful to know where it would be better for me to work considering I know nobody out there and have never been to the country before!!

    Kind regards
    Disillusioned DNS
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  3. by   emmy
    I'm not sure what help I can be, I'm from the UK but now live in Australia.
    Gwenith has some info on NZ in her Sticky thread at the top of the Australian discussion page and I came across this thread which may or may not interest you 'New Zealand nurses' standard of living'(I think it was on page 2 of the Australian discussion page). Hope this helps.
    I wish you luck with your move
  4. by   sinned69
    Hi Disillusioned DNS, sorry tom hear you are feeling that way... but at least smaile you are about to embark on a new adventure, and after the jetlag, and the settling in you'll learn to love it over in godzone, its called that for a reason. anyway a lil 'bout me... im a kiwi RN, who has been working in oz for the apst couple of years, just also done a stint in china, but about to head back to oz & nz. there are so many places you could work, and there is work everywhere... in most clinical areas... it does depend on what kind of person you are, what your preferences are and so on... do you like the countryside or cities, small towns, forests, beaches... tell you what if you'd like to drop me a line then please do... tell me what you think... ask away...
    email me dennis_middleton @
  5. by   Torachan
    Although I have heard Auckland as being refered to as Dorkland. But she may have been unkind. I am thinking about moving to NZ as soon as I graduate but have to look into how that would go. NZ has so much to offer but then again so has other countries. I guess its a case of different strokes for.... hang on I'll get banned again

    Hope it works out for you
  6. by   Torachan
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  7. by   moonladye
    hi all, what do you want to know about nz. I'm from rotorua in the north island. Worked for 20 years in medical area. Plenty of jobs going there is a real shortage,

  8. by   jayna
    Quote from Torachan
    Just quickly

    Fush = fish

    Chups = chips

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    OH my its Torachan again.

    Am in Hamilton North Island and as a foreignER here I prefer the Northland esp Hamilton. :chuckle

    IONAHT IMO choose any of the main cities as your preferances and then you might move to places when youre here.
  9. by   rick3114
    Emmy, I see you are in Australia. I am curious about travel nursing to Australia and finding a good travel nurse agency to help me find either an acute or chronic hemodialysis position there . Can you help, I am not having an easy time finding anything on internet.

    Thanks in advance,

  10. by   gwenith
    Rick the problem is that many of our level 1 positions - particularly in Queensland are not advertised. Sometimes it is best to send a form letter to the hospital near where you want to work. Other than that there are plenty of job agencies advertised here on the board.

    Your main problem might be that we do not actually have "travel agencies" as such - we only have nursing agencies.