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drscepura has 26 years experience as a BSN, DNP, RN and specializes in m/s, acute/chronic dialysis/apheresis.

Interim Dialysis Director

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  1. I kind of politely disagree. This seems like a deeper issue related to "hierarchy" and "pecking order" and almost a "patriarchal" sentiment. And, being a male nurse who did rotations in a variety of areas, any nurse can teach about sunburn. Does s...
  2. I wonder if Dr. Pimplepopper realizes that one day she will be cared for a nurse when she needs it the most in her gravest hour? Duh. Show some respect, Dr.
  3. new pediatric dialysis nurse seeking advice

    I have been an adult and pediatric staff nurse, manager, and director interchangeably for 24 years. You will love taking care of the kiddos and their families. Because that is what it really is, a whole family experience. The turn around time for ...
  4. Hi Dialysis Nurse, I am a doctoral student doing my DNP at Edinboro University in PA. My project is on "retention and burnout". I have created an interesting learning module that discusses structural empowerment and 2 key theories to integrate into ...
  5. Anyone working for FMC annoyed by this?

    In the good old days we had several choices of who to work for. Now the choices are very limited. I do not like how nephrology nursing has become entwined with for profit monopoly companies like FMC and DaVita. It's time for antitrust!
  6. Can you all tell me where you have been housed in Albuquerque that you feel is nice housing?
  7. Have you gone to patient's funeral?

    In the 14 years of being a dialysis RN I have only attended one funeral of a very special patient of mine several years back. I used to look forward to taking care of this wonderful patient, as she was such an inspiration to me, her demeanor, her f...
  8. Negotiating travel contracts

    I have been traveling over five years now and have used several agencies for my various contracts. I am sick to death of all recruiters and how they are parasites living off of the fruit of my hard labor! They sit behind the comfort of their desk...
  9. Alaska

    mammabear, i'm a well experienced dialysis/apheresis nurse wanting to check out anchorage, or juneau for a travel assignment during june, july and august. do u know any agency that can help me go?
  10. Recommendations....

    I have used Quik a few times. I like them for the most part, except the crappy housing in California. They gave me superb housing in Arizona. The difference is unbelievable. California is tough housing market, but Arizona very different. They...
  11. Travel Nursing FULL TIME and yearly income

    Salary varies from contract to contract depending on what your specialty is. I believe that ICU nurses make the most money. I am a dialysis/apheresis nurse and I made excellent money in Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, and less in Phoenix, Bosto...
  12. Advice needed for the following companies

    I started with Cross Country and I had two good assignments with them, my recruiter was decent enough. But then there was always a problem of having desireable locations to go to and she couldn't come through for me, and she didn't start looking for ...
  13. i would choose john c lincoln. that is a nice hospital to work at. i lived in phoenix. is real close to north mountain which is great hiking. there is an amazing mexican restaurant across street from that hospital too that has 2.00 margaritas tha...
  14. Traumatized by nursing - advice needed

    No one promised you that being a nurse was going to be easy! The reality is young nurse that you have graduated during a time of great nursing shortage where resources for education, preceptorship are very scarce. My best advice would be to chang...
  15. traveling-and being charge nurse

    when you are a confident competent RN the managers pick up on this right away wherever i go and inevitably i end up having to be in charge of the unit. this has happened so much that before i signed this last contract i decided i didn´t want to do c...