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Negotiating travel contracts

rick3114 specializes in m/s, acute/chronic dialysis/apheresis.

I have been traveling over five years now and have used several agencies for my various contracts. I am sick to death of all recruiters and how they are parasites living off of the fruit of my hard labor! They sit behind the comfort of their desks and phones and get thirty percent of the bill rate what they charge for my expert services. It is time ALL nurses wake up and start forming our own practice groups like physicians and lawyers and become independent contractors/real professionals that are autonomous, knocking out the middlemen blood sucking recruiters! Today I received a contract that specifically stated that it was grounds for immediate termination of my contract and I would be liable for all the fees incurred if I am to discuss my wages with ANY nurse while on contract. Can you imagine this....? Signing a contract that takes away my Freedom of Speech right to discuss my livelihood with another colleague ? They really must think nurses all just fell off the tomato truck! Or do nurses keep a blind eye to money matters and finance due to our compassion and recruiters take advantage of our good nature? Nurses need to come together across America and figure out how we can eliminate middlemen agencies, we have the legal right to be autonomous practictioners and need to be rewarded accordingly. We need to keep the thirty percent cut of the bill rate that recruiters steal from us in our own wallets and purses. If you are tired of being ripped off and haggling over this and that for every contract I would like to hear from you to brainstorm ways we can get rid of the middle men!

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Some nurses do contract as independent contractors. Keep in mind though, that there is a lot more involved than just sitting at a desk negotiating contracts. You will need to handle your own federal, state, local taxes, insurance (more expensive without a group), malpractice insurance, arrange your own housing, utilities and pay the deposits on the same, bill the hospitals and wait for payment from them - not usually paid immediately, spend much time contacting and tracking down the appropriate people at every hospital you are interested in.

Some people do find it worth their while to do this, but personally, I find it worth the cut to "pay" someone to take care of all these headaches for me.

Sorry, I don't really have any great ideas about how to change things. I really wish I knew of something! I do totally agree with your post though! I traveled for about 4 years and quickly found out that the bill rate was WAY more than my salary and housing costs!

One time I got offered the same assignment by two different companies but the pay rate was like 8.00 hr more with one company than it was with the other company!:angryfire The one company that was paying more, actually offered WAY better benefits too! I started thinking that the recruiters reminded me a lot of bad car salesmen! I did find one company that I stuck with for 2.5 years and I actually felt like they went out of their way to keep me happy!

I am not traveling right now, but I have found the same thing happens with the local per diem agencies/registries. I was offered $35.00 an hour to do a shift at a local Psych. hospital. The D.O.N. there was a friend of mine, and he told me that the agency bill rate was $70.00 an hour! Can you imagine...they are just sending me there, not paying for housing or any benefits and yet they are making the SAME thing I am making, while I am the one out working!! :madface: It is enough to infuriate you!

Too bad all R.N.'s can't come together and join one big union! I know I will get a lot of flak about that statement, but until we all support each other, I don't think things will change!

LadyNASDAQ specializes in ICU's,TELE,MED- SURG.

The reason that they do this is because experienced Travelers negotiate for wages, bennies and also for travel pay/housing. They pay whatever the experienced Nurses want or they lose them. I know, I have been given so many counteroffers it's ridiculous but for now, I am being paid $40-$42/hr. with 2 different local agencies and have to turn away work right and left so travel isn't something that puts more money in pocket. You have to realize that travel is an expenditure of time and personal money and that's why experienced travel nurses ask for some $$$ up front that they call travel pay.

The whole idea is to shop it and work for the best companies. I totally disagree with ya. I don't care what the Recruiters make as long as I am somewhere near that $40/hr. mark.

FarmingRN specializes in ER/Trauma.

You can ask for your travel money upfront? Even if it is my first time traveling? That would be sooo nice, should I ask?? I am planning on leaving my pitiful paying job now but money is tight and I am a little concerned on the "getting there" part with gas being so expensive and such. Thanks everyone on this site for answering these and the other questions btw- it is nice to have help from those who have been there and done that! :thankya:

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