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Hello All,

I hope all of you nursing students are doing well in school, and I wish the best of luck on all of your many challenges. I have one main question, and hopefully you can give me some feedback.

Do Nursing Programs put more emphasis on the GPA towards their required prerequisites or is it based on overall GPA? The reason I am asking this is because I am finishing my degree in Biology and my GPA is a little over a 3.0, however my prereqs for the schools I am looking at are luckily a 3.5 or higher. I have decided to apply to nursing school because I would rather help people than work in a lab. Nursing seemed like a job I would enjoy because of the benefits I am looking for

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I almost have a degree in biology, but decided I wanted to be a nurse my junior year.

I found I'd have to take quite a few courses (specific nursing, not counting some of my biology-related) and it would take a year before I could apply to the BSN program at my college. I do need a BSN, since I want to be a nurse practitioner.

Since nursing offers the step-by-step route, I decided to take advantage of it. In just over a year since making my decision, I'm nearly half-done with a LPN degree. I'm starting my ADN program directly after my LPN program, and then will go on for my BSN to complete in one year. Within most of this, will work as a RN for experience and $, and all within the time frame of three years total for BSN, plus one year for nursing experience I would have needed if did the traditional route for nurse practitioner program acceptance.

I had a 3.1GPA from my biology. Traditional BSN nursing programs require a high GPA anymore (3.5+ is pretty norm). It's competitive like med school at many schools. Like med school, science (or nursing) courses are given more attention, but overall GPA is still calculated and a major consideration. I didn't want to waste time with the waiting process, and am SO glad I've put aside my "pride" and looked into nontraditional paths. Same achievement eventually, but much more beneficial in every way for me during the process.

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My school put a very high value on gpa but it was only on the pre-reqs for the nursing program, other classes weren't included. If you have a bachelors degree you may be able to get into an accelerated program. Good luck.


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My school really valued the grades you got in the prereqs... it was on a point system. (ie. 10 points for an A, 7 for a B, none for a C and so on)... We got points other ways too such as bilingual ability and "leadership" so just in case you didnt do well in one class you could make up for it in other areas... But yes, grades in the prereqs are SO important!!!! my school in particular did not look at overall GPA but i know other schools i looked into did, they are all different...


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My school also did the point system. They focused on the overall GPA, not just what you got in specific classes other than having to have a certain letter grade in those classes. I was in college for 2 years before I applied and got in my ADN program and they looked at my overall GPA. I believe you had to at least have a 2.5 overall to get in the program back when I was accepted. That is where taking easier classes to mix in with those hard prereq classes came in handy for me.

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In our school we look at both. Obviously, if you did poorly in your sciences, and better in everything else, and your GPA still meets the minimum, we will probably not accept you. If your non-nursing related classes are not so great, but your nursing pre-reqs are good, you have a better shot.

Unfortunately though, a lot of schools look at GPA alone, regardless of what the classes are, and when you took them.


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My current school looks ONLY at cumulative GPA, and it doesn't matter if you took all premed courses or all underwater basket weaving. No interviews, no entrance tests, nothing. I have a high GPA, so it worked out well for me. The first place I went (it flooded and closed for awhile) looked at a mix of prereq GPA, interview, essay, and overall GPA/other attributes. The prereq GPA was much more important to them than your overall. Like everything else, it seems to depend where you go! Check out the websites of schools near you, and if you can't find the info online, attend an info session or drop the admissions office an e-mail/call.


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My program requires a 3.5 overall GPA to even apply. Points are given for GPA (4.0 = 10, 3.9 = 9, etc) and points are given for A&P I, II and micro individually (A=5 pts, B=3 pts, C= 1 point).

Since you did well in sciences, can you take additional (non-major)classes to inch up your GPA?

Good luck - there has to be a way.


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Everyone who has replied, Thank You. The idea to boost the GPA by other classes is a great idea considering I am lacking one prereq.


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It really depends on the program. Mine only looked at pre-req gpa, teas test and LOR. Thankfully cumulative gpa didn't come into consideration (mine was barely a 3.0 due to youthful stupidity).

I got in with a high teas and good pre-req gpa. If possible, try for programs that look at these things. I was a horrid student when I first started college, but was able to prove myself once I returned. I hate the concept that a bad decision haunts you for life.

ps. I am graduating in 2 months with nursing departmental honors. You totally can do it!

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see, it just depends on how your school admits....mine uses a point system up to 20...10 comes from the college enterance exam alone.....the others are a point for having your CNA, a point for taking medical terminology, a point for every math within 5 years...(which is now going to 2) and a point for every science in 2 points for any advanced HS science classes....I got in with a 17 point, and GPA was only used to break ties...

good luck...don't be suprised if you have to apply more than once....

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