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Integrative / Functional Medicine / Complementary NP's



I'm considering getting my Masters to be a NP (FNP or PMHNP). I'm a RN, BSN. My background is in wellness, nutrition, stress management, etc. I'm interested in integrative medicine (the mix of western medicine and complementary medicine), functional medicine, and other healthy living approaches. Wondering if there any NP's among us who share these interests and are involved in these focuses within their practices. If you are out there, I would LOVE to hear from you!!!

linearthinker, DNP, RN

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I have taken a few online courses via the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, and I am considering doing the fellowship when I finish the DNP. I am not working now, so I don't get the chance to integrate much, lol. I occasionally threw a bit in to receptive patients when I was a student, but by and large that was not appropriate and/or supported in my clinic environs.


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I am a pediatric nurse practitioner working in an Integrative Pain Management department at a children's hospital. We do use Western medicine, but also incorporate massage, aromatherapy, diet, stress management, self-hypnosis, relaxation/meditation techniques, yoga therapy and acupuncture. It never ceases to amaze me how these complementary modalities seem to make all the difference, and how effective they are for chronic pain management. A BONUS - the benefits affect many aspects of our patients lives, not just chronic pain :)

I currently work in a CMHC and have been told not to use my shamanic background. However, that will change next year as I intend to set up my own practice. :yeah:

DancingRN - that's GREAT!! Are you working at Children's Mercy in KC?

Zenman - are you mostly prescribing meds, doing med management, therapy or a combination of med/therapy? Are all your patients on meds? Also, do you know of any distance FNP/PMHNP programs??

I just got my FNP and in May and am now certified by the AANP. I too am interested in functional/integrative medicine. But, I have no formal training in that area. I do a lot of reading and research on this type of medicine though. I don't even really know what the next step is. I don't know if I need further training or what? If anyone has suggestions..please let me know.



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I'm curious how you bill for that? I crank out alot of RVUs, but with "traditional" biopsies, injections, etc. How do I get credit for aromatherapy and relaxation?

juan de la cruz, MSN, RN, NP

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Some insurances cover part of the cost of acupuncture services under specific circumstances. Patients would need to pay out of pocket for such things as aromatherapy, yoga, hypnosis. There are many concierge medicine type of practices that offer alternative therapies side by side with conventional medicine and typically, the practitioners of conventional medicine (physicians and NP's) are not involved in providing these services, rather, alternative healing practitioners are also hired into the practice.

I am an BSN prepared RN also, and am very interested in functional medicine, nutrition, natural remedies and the like. I have been looking at programs that focus on nutrition and functional medicine but don't really know where to start. Would it be foolish to complete a program like that without first completing an MSN program (like NP)? I am considering an NP program also but i am debating if i would have to do that first to make the other masters degree useful as anything more than to satisfy my own personal interests. Any wisdom from those of you who have been considering this or have already gone through it would be greatly appreciated! My professors always said that nurses eat their young, but i prefer to think that we are there for our fellow trench-men/women!


This is what I am trying to figure out. I would like to become certified in Functional Medicine. I am trying to find out what is the best path to follow for an RN BSN with over 25 years of experience in Cardiac Care.

Does anyone have advice on what NP program would be best to take and support Functional medicine?

I am so glad to see this post as Integrative Medicine/Functional Medicine is how I envision my practice.

My plans as of now are to complete my MS FT and then work PT while I complete the DNP and Functional Medicine Certification (through the Institute For Functional Medicine). Look forward to seeing more posts on this thread and what everyone is up to. Thanks.

Glad to see this thread. I worked as an RN in a functional medicine clinic and am getting my MSN so I can be a functional medicine NP. I've met some brilliant integrative healers and plan to take classes, shadow, and volunteer with them in order to gain an understanding of their different methods. I would then like to incorporate what I learn into my own practice. The best and most intuitive healers I know have forged their own paths by exploring and synthesizing knowledge outside of their formal education and training, and I'm hoping to do the same. :cat: