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Hello nurses!! It's been a while since I've checked in...well my question is about insurance & going PRN. I'm currently on medical leave from my job, and am set to return next week. I'm also in RN school full time, and it's been a struggle to keep up working 3-11. Going PRN has always seemed like a wonderful idea, but I really need insurance- especially now with my medical issues. Does anyone know of a good company that offers insurance for PRN nurses?

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Normlly, there are no benefits at all with PRN positions. But this is not a hard-and-fast rule, so your employer may have other options for you. Benefits are usually available for Part Time positions - have you explored this possibility?

As to insurance, you mean health insurance? The Affordable Care Act Title I:

Title I. Quality, Affordable Health Care for All Americans

This title fundamentally changes the nature and operation of private health insurance in the United States. Beginning in 2014, no health insurer will be able to sell or rate coverage based on an individual''s medical history; most Americans will be required to obtain health insurance; and substantial financial subsidies will be available to low- and moderate-income Americans to help them afford the cost of health insurance. Most states will operate new "health insurance exchanges" to make shopping for health insurance easier. Small businesses and individuals can shop these insurance exchanges for competitive rates. Other important changes in health insurance, including the banning of lifetime and annual benefit limits, were implemented in 2010.

I know 2014 is a little far away for you right now, but meanwhile, until the exchanges get set up, there are insurance agents in every state who can sell you health insurance at decent rates, often if you buy a membership (typically around $75-100) in an association. Call your general insurance provider-- the one that insures your car and your house-- and ask for leads. Or call your state division of insurance-- they will certainly know. Or call any general provider in the Yellow Pages and ask them.

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I am per diem, and have a private insurance policy for myself and two kids. You can feel free to PM if youd like.

When I worked PRN I called my insurance agent who handles my house and cars, and asked her about health insurance. She put together a great, reasonably priced policy for me and my kids (hubby had his free through work, but to insure a family was outrageous).

Give your insurance agent a call. They can usually help.

I am wanting to go per diem. What sort of insurance did you go with? Was it reasonable price? Please help

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I am wanting to go per diem. What sort of insurance did you go with? Was it reasonable price? Please help

From July 2016 - Dec 30, 2016, I had a policy I got from the exchange. Check out I know I was able to to compare policies and choose what worked best for me.

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