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  1. hstats44

    Need your Input

    MissRNBlue, I am working on 15 post so I can pm you. lol
  2. hstats44

    Benefits of Per Diem?

    @candoit, yes I do. Sometimes I may only get 60 hr a pp around the holidays when regular staff works a lot of overtime. I think some agencies offer benefits, but in house float pool is more secure than agency. I don't work any weekends unless I want to, I do some holidays, but since its double time, most staff snatches those shifts up.
  3. hstats44

    Insurance for PRN??

    I am per diem, and have a private insurance policy for myself and two kids. You can feel free to PM if youd like.
  4. hstats44

    Top 8 things I hate about being a nurse

    Nice post. You do have a positive attitude.
  5. hstats44

    Narcotics administration

    I understand your area of concern and was once faced with this in my nursing career. Later, I then realized, if these people are drug seeking and "setting a clock" which some of them do, lol. The doctor wrote an order for it, and until the order is discontinued, or the patient is somnolent from too much pain meds, I have to give it....Yes, it can be super annoying. I have found it to be sad actually, that some people depend on a drug to function.
  6. hstats44

    If you worked FT during nursing school...

    I worked fulltime and am a single parent through nursing school. It can be done, it just takes planning, and diligence.
  7. hstats44

    What do you pick for breakfast?

  8. hstats44

    Benefits of Per Diem?

    Pros for me, More pay, don't get caught up in the units politics, no staff meetings, builds character and level of skill. Cons, no unit to call home, have to be well liked, even by difficult people, no benefits, have to go the extra mile to be well liked
  9. hstats44

    Is Pharmacy Tech Training Useful?

    I will add, that I was a pharmacy technician prior to becoming a nurse, and I feel that it has helped me recognize meds better. With that being said, I do not feel it is necessary to prepare to become a nurse.
  10. hstats44

    What is the nurse-patient ratio where you work?

    Here in Indiana, MedSurg 6:1, Tele 4:1, Progressive Care 3:1, ICU 2:1
  11. Hello, I would suggest starting out working on nights, if that accommodate your lifestyle. That way you will have time to develop a routine. Also, find a kind nurse who is very experienced to use as a resource.
  12. hstats44

    Finally...I got the job!

    That's great. God is good. Many blessings to you.
  13. hstats44

    Need your Input

    Hi MissRNBlue. How are you? I recently sent you a friend request. I have a question. I have not figured out how to send messages on this site. Thanks so much, Hstats