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I'd add one more suggestion. I never hurts to get to know people who've already taken the class. They can be invaluable sources of info on the direction the prof takes in exams...

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Most of the nursing courses you will encounter from now on are gearing you toward eventually taking the boards for your licensure. The questions on tests will be geared toward critical thinking, i.e. some or even all of the answers could be correct, but you must use your critical thinking skills to determine which answer would be the best solution in that particular situation. Many of us have faced the same frustrations in nursing classes, the test questions just don't match up to the class lectures. The lectures make you feel ill prepared and seem vague. After a period of trial and error, I have discovered that NCLEX review books are a nursing student's best friend. A lot of instructors take their exam questions from current review books, as these are the types of questions that will be on the boards. In your present situation, these books do include questions geared toward general knowledge and reasoning and would be good practice for you. Do a search on Google for NCLEX review books and you will find tons. Best of luck!

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Not every nurse knows how to teach. You'll find some great nurses who flounder on organization when it comes to a large group of students.

If you're given a lot to read, try to break it up into doable segments and plow through it a little at a time. I find that when reading is excessive, I have about a one to two hour tolerance before I MUST take a small break. (that can be anything, as long as the break doesn't involve you looking at the book)

The other students' advice on the syllabus was outstanding. They may also have "unit objectives" listed somewhere and if you can take those, make them into questions, and be able to answer the questions, well you know what you've learned and what you haven't.

Does your book come with a CD? Usually if it does, it will have sample test questions on there. Try those about halfway through your reading to see if you need to focus more.

Someone mentioned the way nursing exam questions are worded. It's a real skill, learning to read the questions for what they say, not for what you think they say or what fact they remind you of that you happen to know. Does your course only have the one instructor? If so, bug her to death. As long as the questions you are asking are : geared toward the objectives of the course, and specific in nature, you should get good info. Perhaps this instructor is more effective in that format? If so, take advantage of her office hours and experience.

For lab, don't leave until you know what you are doing, no matter how many people you have to ask for help, no matter how many times you have to practice something. When you go to check off on sterile technique and perform it like a well-rehearsed ballet, and make your instructor smile, it's worth it.


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In reflecting on the big picture of the need to do well on the test, I remember how very helpful it "all" was (the struggle to understand what test questions were important and why etc.) in relationship to the NCLEX.

It is truly a matter of a study "skill" to master. I learned to sift, what was important for my clinical experitise, how to test for various teachers, and how to study and "get over" my own weaknesses (test anxiety was a big one for me).

Good luck to you and let us know how we can help you.

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Thank you guys ALL OF YOU for the feedback. I will keep you informed of my situation. I will also forward your suggestions to my class.

I thank you sooooooo much for taking the time out to help me. This forum is awesome and truly a blessing to have stumbled upon.

Thanks again!

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