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What is the groups opinion on agency LPNs doing IV Push meds? I recently asked about hospital LPNs doing IV Push and had a variety of answers. If anyone does allow do you measure competency?... Read More

  1. by   Bundles of Joy
    Originally posted by niteshiftnurse
    also, it shouldn't make any difference if you are agency or not, everything depends on what the nurse practice act is in your state
    As a LPN, I am IV certified which qualifies me to monitor IV therapy, hang IV bags and do IV flush but I cannot start a IV here in CT. When I lived in IL state regulations in some cases, leave it up to the facility if they wanted an LPN to start a IV or not.

    The difference between a LPN/RN could be that of a APRN/PA.

    Are lot of our jobs overlapping????
  2. by   New CCU RN
    It doesn't matter if you are a traveler, a nurse of 40 years, etc. If you don't like the way that things are you have options to lobby and push for your profession and try to gain some more autonomy. If you really have this dying desire to give IVP's and your state doesn't allow you to do it then it sounds like you ought to get your RN.

    I would follow what ever your state board of the state you are practicing in says to do. It doesn't matter if you are from say Alabama but practicing in Florida. Whatever state you are practicing in, you have to follow those guidelines set by the State Board of Nursing. If the hospital is not following those guidelines, then they should be reported. It is your license on the line and if you are brought to court and asked how to defend yourself on giving an IVP that according the governing body, the state board says as an LPN you cannot, what is your defense gonna be?
  3. by   New CCU RN
    BTW a certification class does not grant you the authority to do something out of your scope of practice.

    For example in ACLS I was taught how to intubate a patient. However, being an RN in the state of Virginia, that is not in my scope of practice, so I will gladly gather the supplies and hand them over to the MD or CRNA.
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    Where I work hosptial policy is that LPNs do nothing with IVP or IVPB. but then we have very few LPNs. I'm unsure of what the SBN says.

  5. by   cindyln
    In Kansas it is not in the LPN's scope of practice to do IV pushes
  6. by   debRNo1
    Originally posted by Bundles of Joy
    As a LPN, I am IV certified which qualifies me to monitor IV therapy, hang IV bags and do IV flush but I cannot start a IV here in CT.
    Here in NY it is the same. I think that an LPN cannot hang the first IVAB or blood. They cannot do IVP's, but Im not sure about starts.

    In my hospital they do not hire LPN's. Ther are very few who work there and have been there sonce the 70's.

  7. by   Bermuda
    I too; work in Ft. Laudrdale Fl and the state board here says NO IV pushes for LPN's.. not within your scope...certain meds may be piggybacked if there is an existing line in use...but NO IVPushes..I too was an LPN for 20 years here before I became an RN...please be sure you are in fact practicing within your scope... you would not want to lose your license to work...
  8. by   sharann
    Wow. If all the LPN's are allowed to give IVP's then the hospitals can just get rid of all the RN's. Think of the money they'll save. Unless, LPN's start demanding more money for doing the same exact work(physically and clinically) as the RN's.
    Before you slam me, I am not for or against anything yet. I am still making up my mind. I'm from CALIF where we are thrilled to find ANY nurse to help out!
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    a facility that you work can restrict you from performing within your sbn guidelines but cannot expand your perfomance from that of your sbn. with that said, lpns in al cannot do ivps nor start any blood or its product [only monitor] and can do ivpb.

    iv therapy was part of my lpn program and i had to be certified and checked off by an rn in the facility which i worked too.

    it is amazing that some states allow certain things for lpns/lvns and other states do not, interesting.
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  10. by   meandragonbrett
    Originally posted by MishlB

    since they are the 'backbone' of patient care.
    I will disagree with you that LPNs are the backbone of healthcare. NURSES are the backbone of healthcare regardless of LPN or RN.

  11. by   TinyNurse
    As a new grad in Ohio, i am informed that LPNs cannot do IV push med,
    if someone knows different and has reference please let me know.
  12. by   bos mom
    As an LPN in new york state for 12 years who spent 4 on the IV team for a 485 bed hospital i can Tell you what new york state said when i wrote to get my scope of practice defined-a nurse-ANY nurse's(LPN,RN,BSRN,NP and every other combo of letters )scope of practice is limitied to what they where DIRECTLY instucted on,Not just taught in a book or lecture.It is assumed that you understand the theory of basic nursing when you receive your licensce and you can not be held liable if you follow the stardard of care legally BUT but if it can be proven that you where never taught the exact stardard you are in malpractice. if you preform that procedure.(Unless emereancy)That is the reason for the endless inservices we suffer(attend)when ever they change policy-even if its just that you now curl your pinki THIS way when you do whatever. Because I was directly instucted,I am allowed to start,attend to almost any IV related procedures-where some others with a higher degree would be guily of malpractice attending to the same task.Right now the only IV task NY state says is not in my scope of practice just because of my title is the hanging of any blood product.I can start the IV,care for the patient,watch it drip down the tubing and treat reactions but i CAN not spike the bag. There is really very few states that spell out what a nurses job actions are-if you read them ,most say a LPN under a RN's supervision but even thats changed from direct to just having contact even if only by phone.
  13. by   Godswill
    I too was wondering about this but this is what the nursing board of louisiana says about LPN"S
    THEY can
    Initiate and maintain IV therapy and administer IV medications by IVPB and/or IVP (including hyperalimentation, blood and blood products)

    This lead me to believe that the LPN here( louisana )can start IV"S.