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Indiana State University FNP

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I am interested in knowing if there are any recent students at Indiana State University FNP program. I am interested in the pros and cons to the program. I am debating whether or not to apply to this school! Any feedback would be appreciated!

I'm presently in the p/t FNP track at USI and I start clinical rotation in two months. I graduate next year July 2016. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. Attending USI is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. You will receive a quality education for a very inexpensive tuition. The faculty are all very supportive, still practicing, have years of teaching experience and importantly they want you to succeed. BTW, the program is not easy by far, but if your sacrifice you time to learn to material you will excel in this program. I posted about USI in the past. Please feel free to read my previous posts.


Specializes in Medical/Surgical, OMFS, OR.

Thank you so much for replying! I have been lurking around this site looking for more information on this school. How many credits is part time and how long does it take for you to complete the program?

Does this school only accept so many applicants?

USI has is very in-expensive and many people apply to the program. Therefore, there are several tracks: 2 year, 3 year, 4 year and 5 year tracks. I am in the 5 year track which means I can only take one class at a time. I will graduate in 4 years because I transferred in credits.

I think I read that if you add up all the students enrolled in all 4 tracks there are a total of about 500 students in the program at any one time.

Are you confusing USI (U of Southern Indiana) and ISU (Indiana State University)?


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Good to know about USI! I will look into that program... Has anyone attending ISU (Indiana State University)?

Lol...Your right, thanks!!!

I am currently in my second semester at ISU. The program is intense but doable. Cons as many programs is finding your own preceptor. Tons of reading. But like I mentioned before its doable.


Specializes in Medical/Surgical, OMFS, OR.

How long are the classes- eight weeks or run the whole semester? Are you taking classes part time? Any of tips for this program? I am filling out my application to hopefully start in Spring 2016!

I completed the FNP program at Indiana State U in Dec of 2013. I worked as a RN FT while doing the program, so i did the PT option and took 3 full years to finish (I opted to start clnicals a semester early, and took summer semesters for 2 of the years). I felt very well prepared for my practice as a NP after. Biggest con is finding your own preceptors, but I feel like that is not only an issue with every other online school, but brick and mortars as well. All I can say is start the process of findings preceptors early. The program is very affordable, and professors were great.

Hi are you enrolled in USI or ISU and is your program online? I have BSN and want to enroll in online, accredited FNP program...any suggestions or advice? Thanks!

Speaking of USI, I heard they no longer offer a RN to MSN. Is this true, and if so, does anyone know why?


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