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  1. mom2grace

    Part timeNP salary

    I made $22/hr as a BSN, I make $45/hr as a NP
  2. mom2grace

    Part timeNP salary

    I work 3 8hr shifts/wk as FNP. I make twice what I made as a BSN. i have only been an RN for 5 years so my pay was low.
  3. mom2grace

    New Grad NP - which job would you take?

    If the urgent care has other providers working at the same time I would take that over CVS. From my conversations with cvs NPs, They do all their own cleaning, ordering etc.
  4. mom2grace

    Multiple masters?

    Neither of those are helpful for NP. Unless you want to teach, I would just wait until you are ready for NP.
  5. mom2grace

    Help with ANCC exam

    Hollier is the best. To the point & entertsining so it sticks!
  6. mom2grace

    How can I help educate floor nurses as a Hospitalist NP?

    I would first meet with the veteran nurses & ask them where they need education. Then survey the new nurses about what they think they need. Give them what they want & add in what you think they need. Definitely do it in real time on the floor. You could even set up a simulation on drains (for example) on the unit & the nurses could just stop by for 5-10 minutes.
  7. mom2grace

    Income woes - take a new job?

    My contract just states that I am an hourly employee and the rate. It does not specify the number of hours. I think the MD does want my practice to grow as it ultimately increases his income but I can see that it will grow much more slowly than I anticipated based on my conversations during the interview process.
  8. mom2grace

    Income woes - take a new job?

    My contract just states that I am an hourly employee and the rate. It does not specify the number of hours. I think the MD does want my practice to grow as it ultimately increases his income but I can see that it will grow much more slowly than I anticipated based on my conversations during the interview process.
  9. mom2grace

    Income woes - take a new job?

    Thank you. I am definitely a trust your gut person but I needed the reminder. I insisted on shadowing for every position I interviewed with and that helped to eliminate a few. I'm not that concerned about my resume, I can pretty comfortably say that oncology is my passion. I have been a pretty long term employee in my previous life and I don't expect to change again for at least 5 years but you never know.
  10. mom2grace

    Income woes - take a new job?

    I hear what you are saying. I am feeling a bit of the same way, don't get more invested than I already am. During the interview process we discussed that their practice was growing and that the provider that took over for a part time provider 4 months ago had a full time case load in 4 months. I can't see my caseload growing that quickly and I now know the other new provider took over some of the MDs caseload so that provider had a full time caseload more quickly than I will. I think it will take 8-12 months for my caseload to warrant a 4-5 day week. I am a straight hourly employee at 24 hours/week and I did ask for more money in the negotiation and I was clear that I really needed 30 hours a week if he was not going to increase the per hour rate to make things work out for me. He came up $ 1.50/hr and I asked for $6.50/hr. I partly took the job because I could start immediately and I really needed the income with the holidays and student loan repayment looming. The lack of holiday pay makes the issue more critical as I will also not get paid for Memorial day, Labor Day in addition to the current holidays. In the 4 weeks that I have been paid, I've averaged 22.8 hours/week and I have stayed longer that my 'hours' a couple of days to get to that. My major expenses are repaying my student loans and I have a child who will go to college next year (in-state, nothing fancy). I do not get any benefits except for 401k & malpractice, I get 4 weeks of PTO pro-rated to my hours which I think is fair. I was planning to take the 2 days that I work Christmas week off but now I am reconsidering as they would be unpaid. I can't take any PTO until I've been there 90 days. And while my feelings should not get in the way, I feel like I'm quite a bargain without health insurance and I'm already billing for exams and procedures that I implemented - that they didn't even really know about. Their primary care practice is new and I am helping to build it. The MD is a specialist but the rest of the office is primary care and urgent care. I will not do urgent care here, it's crazy busy and stressful. The office has 3 providers and 13 full time employees plus the MD and his wife. If I get the other offer I will definitely ask the current MD to match the offer. I would be happy to stay if the pay was more competitive. I have been very careful not to 'cost' my current employer anything, I haven't applied for DEA or asked for any reimbursement for credentialing, etc.
  11. mom2grace

    Income woes - take a new job?

    I'm a new FNP, have a position that I really enjoy. Started 6 weeks ago. Major issue is income. I need to work 30hrs/wk to meet my bills. I took this job at 24hrs/wk knowing it would be tight. Discussion with the physician owner during the interview about more hours/incentives in a few months. Today I saw 1 pt, more hours are not on the horizon. I'm pretty bored. Co workers are nice but I'm not going to learn very much, no mentorship. Not very mentally stimulating. No way to know that before I started. I had 3 offers initially. Pros- very low stress, close to home, positive atmosphere. Then I found out I don't get paid holidays when I didn't get paid for Thanksgiving. Won't get paid for Christmas Day or New Years Day. (I work monday/wednesday/thursday). Makes the money situation even tighter. Got an email from a friend of a friend for a position in oncology - my passion & the only specialty I would consider. Private practice contracted to a large hospital system. Did the interview as a courtesy but it sounds like a good fit & am shadowing on Friday. I would work 4 days/week. Pay would be same per hour or more. Longer commute (10 minutes vs 30 minutes). No call & 6 weekend rounds/year (manager said it's usually less than 4 hours/day). I would learn a lot, but it would be specialized vs primary care. I did work inpatient oncology so I feel confident that I would like it & I know what I am getting into. Advice from those who have been down this road? I have plenty of time to decide after the shadow & I can have additional shadow days. I trust the friend that it's a good situation. Friend is an RN (not with oncology) & her husband is an MD who collaborates daily with the oncology group.
  12. mom2grace

    Direct Entry MSN Program Opinion

    This! And this is why major universities are beginning to not require practice as an RN first. Research does not show RN experience is helpful when it comes to NP practice. My NP program has some new grads in it and they are at no disadvantage. This is a Big 10 university program.
  13. mom2grace

    Program dilemma...

    I did end up delaying my admission waiting on other schools. I did lose a deposit, but it was well worth it. The 3 programs in this scenario for me were brick and mortal, major univerisities. I went with a brick and mortal (Big 10 university) where I go to campus at least once a week. I drive 50 miles to get there.
  14. mom2grace

    Program dilemma...

    I accepted at a few schools, one at a time, as I got accepted to schools that were a better fit, I declined the other. So I only held one spot at a time so that they could accept the next student on the list. What I found was that there is no clear decision time line so even though they were all starting fall semester, at some schools I had to accept before other schools had their application deadline. I did contact my 2nd choice school to ask when they would be making decisions. I did not say that I had other offers. I ended up getting into my first choice and declined my 2nd choice after all.
  15. mom2grace

    Indiana State University FNP

    Are you confusing USI (U of Southern Indiana) and ISU (Indiana State University)?
  16. mom2grace

    Ball State FNP 2015

    I've been accepted and am considering it. Can you tell if it is all 'self-taught' vs. online video interaction, etc? Do you know what I mean?