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  1. LCC6133


    I emailed, no answer yet. I will call if they don't respond.
  2. LCC6133


    Is IWU strict on requiring you to have 10 years of nursing experience when applying to the RN to MSN program?
  3. LCC6133

    Paramedic to RN Fall 2016

    I felt the same way about the peds class/instructor. Just keep your head down and try to make the best of it. Real learning comes on the job anyway.
  4. LCC6133

    New to ED, Suggestions on Supplies

    Decent stethoscope, shears, pen. Use your stethoscope, don't just have it as an accessory which I see so many nurses do. Also a cheap watch because it will get bodily fluids on it at some point.
  5. LCC6133

    Cautious ask: If you hated being a RN, would you enjoy NP?

    Not necessarily. Becoming a provider is way different than bedside nursing. It comes with new frustrations though. If dealing with patients and their families is tough, neither job is enjoyable.
  6. LCC6133

    Eliminating Physicians/Medical Schools

    NP's don't have the same level of training by far. Don't get me wrong, a NP is well trained but not to the extent of an MD.
  7. LCC6133

    schools rn-msn

    Bumping this question.
  8. LCC6133

    IU MSN program

    Did you get in? How was the program?
  9. LCC6133

    Ivy Tech Book Importance

    Don't buy the bundle. The main course books are important but the drug guide and other books are a waste when you can find everything you need online.
  10. LCC6133

    What do we need to buy?

    Don't buy the package. Use Amazon for books. Get a good quality stethoscope but not ridiculously expensive. You can get a nice Littman online for $35-50. Scrubs come from the university. I hated the male scrubs, I looked like a parking attendant.
  11. LCC6133

    Paramedic to RN Fall 2016

    I went through the course. Your medic experience will help but you will be frustrated a lot. Medics and RNs approach things differently. You have to be open to doing things differently. Care plans....not practical or useful but it's a hoop you have to jump through. Clinicals are easy compared to medic clinicals. If you have a lot of experience as a street medic, you will be bored. Again, just another hoop.
  12. LCC6133


    Do good in your course work, take a review class and NCLEX should be a breeze.
  13. LCC6133

    Pay for experienced critical care RN in Indianapolis?

    Agree, $28:hour is the going rate.
  14. LCC6133

    RN at Eskenazi health VS IU university hospital

    I don't work at either but have RN friends at both. Eskenazi would be my pick. What did you end up doing?
  15. LCC6133

    Indiana State University FNP

    Speaking of USI, I heard they no longer offer a RN to MSN. Is this true, and if so, does anyone know why?
  16. LCC6133

    ABSN Programs and Financial Aid Help!!

    I am an ASN and want to do RN to MSN at Ball State or IUPUI. I agree, go for the ASN and start working. Make some money then have your employer help pay for you to further your education.