Second Degree/Accelerated BSN Programs

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has graduated from or is attending one of these programs at IUSB or IUPUI? Or any other school that offers them? I am finishing up my BS in Human Biology and will be done this spring so now I am looking into nursing programs. So any advice/opinions would be great!
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  3. by   emmybsu

    I am currently attending BSU for their accelerated program. I had also applied to the accelerated program at IUPUI but I didn't have the GPA they were looking for. I had graduated from BSU with my first degree and they were happy to take me.
    Marian College also has an accelerated program but they are a private school.

    For a quick review of the programs, they are both 18 months long. You will be going to school during the summer months and taking clinicals at the nearby hospitals. At BSU, the lecture classes are in a lecture hall but the clinical class has a maximum of 8 people so you will get individual attention from your clinical instructor.

    I hope that helps a little bit to get you started. You can also go to their websites and garner a little more information from there. If I can answer any of your questions, just PM me.

    Good Luck!!!
  4. by   patrick T
    Marian (not Marion) college in Indianapolis has a BSN program for students who hold a bachelors degree already, i would recommend Marian college any day over IU anything related to nursing... I was in the RN to BSN program and It rated well with me.. They didnt treat me like an idiot and the classes were enjoyable esp the liberal arts classes.. the required nursing classes such as stats, patho, health assestment are pretty much a review of everything you already know.. except for stats.. i had to work hard for that A.. Dont let the cost of Marian college scare you away.. you do come graduate from the college as a better nurse, a better educated person and that makes for a better citizen. Unlike IU that makes you feel like your a cow in a herd of other cows trying to get you degree.... Its also ROman Catholic based so you have to study Christian Theology and it does give you an understanding of Chritianity better.. im roman catholic and i enjoyed the fact that going to marian college also made me a better christian.. well that my opinion anyway..
  5. by   newgrad2005
    I am starting St. Mary's College's Accelerated BSN in May. Their program is 14-15 months, I believe.
  6. by   KacyLynnRN
    Hi Anna,
    A good friend of mine who had a master's degree in another area applied to get into the accelerated BSN program at IUPUI. She had a 3.8 and did NOT get in...there are only 30 slots (over 150 applied) and it is super-duper competitive. She was crushed. Sooo...unless you are certain you can get A's or A+'s in every pre-req, and apply with at least a 4.0, I wouldn't waste your time at IUPUI. Just my two cents.