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This is the "Not In" thread, or for anyone that's planning on applying for Spring Semester by the Sept 1st deadline. We need love too! :loveya: My Boring Stats: A's in prereq's except ANP... Read More

  1. by   BlindMouse3
    Thanks for the congrats! I do feel tons better. I am going to call Bton tomorrow, and tell them to give away my spot. I hate to do that after I already accepted, but I guess there's an alternate out there on pins and needles, waiting to hear that they are in. = )

    I wish I could breathe easy now, but I can't until everything is perfect. I just keep thinking what IF. What IF Chantix shows up on the drug screen? What IF someone says something negative about me when they do employment verification? I'm sure I made someone mad at some point. lol Who knows? They could be promoted by now. What IF they look at the years that my ex didn't work so I had 2 and 3 temporary jobs--equaling about 6 or 7 W-2s for those years? Ugh. I wish I knew what they were looking for with that. (You'd think that I'd be over the angst-ridden stuff, but I'm still worried something will go wrong between now and starting the program. lol)

    Carlos, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you and Chris on lab day. SOMETHING good has to come out of that class. lol
  2. by   csab
    Amber, LOL, are you hating micro as much as I am?
  3. by   BlindMouse3
    Definitely. Ugh. Today though, it's my fault. Took Exam 2 with the flu and a migraine. I couldn't concentrate at all! Got the lowest score I've ever gotten on anything. (68!!!) I almost died. = ( I'm gonna wreck my GPA with Micro.

    I agree with all of what you wrote earlier about the instructor/class, but I will also add that I am having a bit of burn-out this semester. (Glad it happened before the nursing program!) I spent all that time taking millions of classes in the 8 week time frame, and they were all classes that I felt I HAD to get A's in. And I did. Now I'm struggling to stay motivated, and feel like I need a break from busting my tail. I guess I'm my own enemy this time around.

    I wish we had a LITTLE extra credit in the class. = )

    Have you ever noticed the easy classes are always flooded with extra credit opportunities, and the harder ones NEVER have any? <g>

    Besides, what's the deal with us having to grade our own tests & look for mistakes? I hope I'm learning when I do....because I'm always afraid I've missed something. lol
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  4. by   csab
    Yeah the first micro exam, I had SIX questions marked wrong that I had correct. It was ridiculous. I don't think she looks at the tests at all. If you want it changed you have to ask.
  5. by   RNwntaB
    Quote from csab
    Yeah the first micro exam, I had SIX questions marked wrong that I had correct. It was ridiculous. I don't think she looks at the tests at all. If you want it changed you have to ask.
    Ugh! I'm taking Micro too....I didn't even check over my first exam...I just figured it was graded correctly; not very smart on my part, huh?

    I'll be checking this next one!!
  6. by   csab
    RNwntaB--what section are you in (online)? I'm in H1G.
  7. by   RNwntaB
    Quote from csab
    RNwntaB--what section are you in (online)? I'm in H1G.
    I'm in H0G.
  8. by   BlindMouse3
    I'm in H0G as well. We'll meet at the lab!

    Does anyone want to meet before/after for breakfast or lunch? I'm thrilled that they aren't feeding us or giving us a lunch break. lol

  9. by   Lennonninja
    I know this is totally random, but I'm so excited for you guys to get started next semester! We're halfway through this semester already (WOW!) and even with all of the work and more tests that I could have ever imagined, I'm really enjoying it and I'm excited to go to school and clinicals every day! <3
  10. by   csab
    Thanks Lennon! It's so great to hear that you are excited to go to school and clinicals!
  11. by   pezamistik
    Lennon - That's great to hear you're enjoying your classes and clinicals! I can hardly wait until orientation! I'm just excited to get started
  12. by   2bsy2slp
    Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that....I GOT INTO THE LPN PROGRAM AT GARY!!!! I have kept a low profile lately after not getting the acceptance letter for The ASN program in order to keep my sanity. The letters were supposed to go out by the 15th! I got my letter today and I am so excited! Its not the ASN program, but either way I am going to be a nurse and I will be an ASN!!!! Now I have to figure what I need to do now as far as the paperwork!! HELP!!
  13. by   csab
    Congrats 2bsy!!!! The waiting was worth it!