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This is the "Not In" thread, or for anyone that's planning on applying for Spring Semester by the Sept 1st deadline. We need love too! :loveya: My Boring Stats: A's in prereq's except ANP... Read More

  1. by   Emmi7
    Congrats Rrainey! And good luck to everyone else too...I will be going through this next semester...if all goes as planned!
  2. by   pezamistik
    Congrats, Rrainey3!!!
  3. by   AnneMarie
    WOOOHOOO RRainey3! That's awesome news! Now you can relax and enjoy these next couple of months before the program starts!

    Come on, Indy....Get those letters out! I'm losing my mind (and some of my hair!)
  4. by   BlindMouse3
    Another day, another chance at the mailbox...it's almost like scratching off a lottery ticket. = )
  5. by   Lennonninja
    I hope letters start going out soon! I'm really excited for you guys!

    We finished Fundamentals today and clinicals start tomorrow, eek! Fundamentals is a whole 3 credit class that you take in 4 weeks. It seems really scary and daunting at first but it's easy material, it's just fast. When you get your syllabus and see all of this work to be done in 4 weeks DON'T FREAK OUT, it's very do-able, it just looks scary.

    Also, if you've done well in all of the pre-reqs and co-reqs (especially APHY 201 and Micro) you'll have a little easier time in Fundamentals I think. I know that having those classes certainly made my life a little easier this past month.
  6. by   pezamistik
    Still no letter for me today. Come on, Gary campus!! I'm going crazy up here!!
  7. by   2bsy2slp
    Congrats to you Rrainey!!!! Good Luck to you!!!
  8. by   MistyMiss
    Lennon, thanks so much for the heads-up. I can not tell you enough how much your informative posts are appreciated!

    Enjoy tomorrow, ask questions and apply what you have learned You are going to rock it!
  9. by   csab
    Good luck tomorrow at your first day of clinicals Lennon--WOW I can't believe you are at that point already! I'd be terrified I think!
  10. by   AnneMarie
    Good Luck, Lennon! Please post and let us know how your first day goes! Also, would you mind posting a general description of your weekly schedule? It's hard to get a feel for what a standard week will look like (once clinicals are in place) just by looking at Campus Connect. Also, do you get to select the hospitals where you do clinicals or are they selected for you? Thank goodness there's an orientation--I have a zillion unanswered questions! Hopefully I'll get an acceptance letter so I can ask them! lol!
  11. by   Lennonninja
    Thanks everyone I'm trying to give you all the information that I was hoping to find when I was waiting for my letter

    Before clinicals my schedule was
    MTWR Fundamentals lecture 9-12
    WR Fundamentals lab 1-5
    Fridays Pharmacology 9-12

    After switching to clinicals
    Monday - OFF! I'll be working most of the day though
    Tues - Clinical 7-3
    Wed - Med Surg lab 1-3:40
    Thurs - Med Surg lecture 9-11:40 Med Surg lab 1-3:40
    Fri - Pharmacology 9-12

    Here in Bloomington, all first semester clinicals are at nursing homes. They try to match you up with the closest place to your house. All of the rest of our clinicals are at Bloomington Hospital because that's the only hospital we go to, the other one in town is very small and no students go there yet from Ivy Tech or IU as far as I know.

    First day of clinicals today was pretty much sitting in a room going over the syllabus and what sort of stuff we'd be doing. Team presentations most weeks (each team only has 1 presentation), homework, what we'll do when we go to the Bloomington Hospital Sim Lab, and then individual presentations (20 minutes) that we have to give in November over fake case studies in our clinical packet. I'll be presenting about Rheumatoid Arthritis. My team presentation will be over Infection Control practices.

    We didn't actually work with any patients today, but we got the chart of the resident that we'll be caring for (as a team of 2) next week. My teacher said that the chart she gave us was the biggest in the facility, THANKS SO MUCH! This poor patient has 15-20 meds that we'll have to work with, yeowza.

    Time to stop procrastinating and get some studying done, big Pharm test this Friday!

    Oh, and there really IS time to do things other than school. I went to the movies this past Friday and played some video games last night and this afternoon. I went bowling last weekend with some friends and this weekend I'll be participating in Hoosiers Outrun Cancer too. So even though there's a TON of stuff to do, there's time to do non school stuff too. That's one of the things that I was the most scared of honestly.
  12. by   mommyof6
    Thanks Lennon!! Your sharing is a wonderful help!! Not having enough time to do anything but study was one of my biggest fears for next semester, but it sounds like you do get some time for yourself to relax a little, which is great
  13. by   AnneMarie
    Wow, Lennon...Thanks so much for that awesome post! Love it! Thanks for being so candid and helping the rest of us get a feel for our potential schedules! It's not quite as demanding as I was afraid it would be, so it looks like it allows some good time for studying, relaxing, family, etc. Good luck on your Pharm test!

    Has anyone heard from current or previous Pharm students whether or not it would be beneficial to get an intro Pharmacology book and brush up on some basic concepts before entering the class, or would it just be totally over the heads of those of us who have never taken anything more than Ibuprofen and Robitussin?!

    Still waiting on the mail--How is it that the entire summer happened in what seemed like 4 days, and these past 3 weeks have seemed to last FOREVER!!!! Yikes!!