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Surgeon for an instructor

Has anyone ever had a surgeon for an instructor and not an RN? He wasn't a very nice guy was he? Mine sure isn't. He asks very difficult questions that make you think "were these covered in the book...

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Falling Asleep

So I need some advice. I started a new job recently. I was new to working 12 hour shifts and it was only my second time with 3 days in a row. I am definitely not making excuses for myself at all, but...

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Absolute Exhaustion Tips?

Hi everyone, just wanted to ask anyone who is/has been struggling with absolute exhaustion how they coped , tips,tricks, strategies..anything helpful..? Thank you so much- best regards -L

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What is considered a positive TB test, 10mm or 15mm?

In school I was taught 15mm but on CDC its giving two different answers which can i go by for standard?

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Clinical question?

So, during my orientation on a new job, one of my preceptors told me to give some noncritical meds prior to a Code 3 coming into our room-5 minutes out. Because I was on orientation I did it, but...

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I miss The Commuter!

The Commuter hasn't been active here for some time. I hope she is well. As I recall she was working towards an advanced degree and was preoccupied with that. She was a fantastic contributor here, and...

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Leaving the er after six months

In short i've been a nurse for almost three years working on a MedSurg telly and doing float for all the different floors ib the hospital including geriatric PCU respiratory critical care etc. I...

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Patient Aspirating

Hi everyone, I have been a nurse for 1 year and just had a question about a situation, wanting to make sure I did the right thing. A patient was sitting up at 90 degrees eating, talking on phone...

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Which job offer to accept

I am a new grad who has worked in critical care as a HUC/PCT for the past 4 years while in school. Unfortunately, my unit cannot hire a new grad at this time... so I have interviewed and been offered...

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Helpful Advice- COC

I was tested on May 11th and after 15 days, still no results posted. I was not concerned the test would be positive, but did not want to have a "no show" on my record. Contacted Firstlab and no...

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Is this considered bullying?

Hi all :) if I am wrong about this situation please let me know. I am a brand new nurse and I started my first job two weeks ago. My first week I noticed my preceptor was harsh on one of the...

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PlanB after getting kicked out of nursing program

I was recently kicked out of my nursing program because i didnt meet the GPA requirements. I never failed any classes or nursing classes, didnt have to retake any as well. I was a first year college...

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What happens if you are injured on your way to clinical due to weather?

My nursing school says that weather is not a valid reason to miss clinicals. Well, if it's snowing heavily and there's a big storm, and I get into an accident because they're forcing me to come in,...

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Feel guilty about turning down a job offer as a new grad?

Hello, I graduated last month and passed the NCLEX a few weeks ago. You may remember that I posted a question regarding a job offer I received -- they offered me a per diem position with no...

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Do nurses tend to be enablers?

A coworker yesterday was distracted by a drama with a friend. She had refused to loan her car to the friend, so the friend started texting how she would be better off dead, was a waste of a space,...

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I studied but cannot remember a thing! Help

Hi, I'm second year student and my final semester exam is this Monday! I have studied so much but the information doesn't seem to stay in my head and I am stressing out. Is there any tips anyone can...

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NP Students
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Nurse Practitioner with emphasis in nutrition

Hi everyone! So I currently have my RN-BSN and work in the medical ICU. I plan to start FNP school next year, but I'd like to work as a NP with my focus being in nutrition and dietetics. Ideally, I'd...

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Anxious to writing nclex

I scheduled for the nclex in July however I rescheduled to the June but I'm anxious now because I feel I haven't studied enough any help?

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FNP Clinical Question.. What do you actually do during a physical exam?

Hi all, So i'm a new FNP. I've been working for about 6 months now.. As many of you all know, it's very difficult, if not impossible, to do a comprehensive physical exam in 15 minutes. I'm...

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Student nurse in recovery

Hi all! I'm a 24 year old student nurse who got sober from alcohol and prescription amphetamines a little over 2 years ago. I started out as a biomedical sciences/research major and then switched to...

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