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some nurses.......

Ok, i will first say this. I work as a nightshift cna at a nursing home. Its ok for the most part, with the exception of one thing, my nurses. I came in and we had some vital signs to do, or...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Extreme Job Hopping

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a RN with 2yrs tele/med Surg, and a couple months of home health experience. I happily made it out the hospital and tried HH. I loved it but the company had unrealistic...

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Disappointed by colleague

Hello, I just want want you to help me understand a colleague's point of view: My patient was swollen up with fluids and the surgical doctor asked me to inform the medical on call. I am...

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Recent DWI arrest

I'm a new registered nurse with a DWI arrest this past weekend. At 36 years old, I have never had anything like this happen before, and I have absolutely no criminal history. I truly made a stupid...

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Surgeon for an instructor

Has anyone ever had a surgeon for an instructor and not an RN? He wasn't a very nice guy was he? Mine sure isn't. He asks very difficult questions that make you think "were these covered in the book...

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Absolute Exhaustion Tips?

Hi everyone, just wanted to ask anyone who is/has been struggling with absolute exhaustion how they coped , tips,tricks, strategies..anything helpful..? Thank you so much- best regards -L

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Funny patients

I had a couple of funny patients recently. Patient A smelled homeless. He lacked teeth and reeked of cigarettes and BO, with unwashed clothes. He had deep wrinkles and thinning hair. He did have...

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New grads

Hi nurses, I'm a new grad. I got an offer at Cobb hospital in Georgia and Sanford Fargo in North Dakota for a med-surg residency program. I live in Florida I'm ready to relocated, but I don't know...

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NP Students
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Nurse Practitioner with emphasis in nutrition

Hi everyone! So I currently have my RN-BSN and work in the medical ICU. I plan to start FNP school next year, but I'd like to work as a NP with my focus being in nutrition and dietetics. Ideally, I'd...

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Falling Asleep

So I need some advice. I started a new job recently. I was new to working 12 hour shifts and it was only my second time with 3 days in a row. I am definitely not making excuses for myself at all, but...

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Long hair at the bedside

I have a question. Have things changed in hospitals at the bedside to the point that nurses who have waist length hair are no longer required to have it in a pony tail or braid or bun? A few weeks...

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Terrified after taking the NCLEX

Hi everyone, I took the NCLEX earlier today and I feel horrible about how it went. I graduated at the top of my class from one of the top 10 nursing programs in the country, I scored in the 96th...

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First Year
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Advice to the new grad

Advice to the newly graduated nurse I see so many posts from new grads who ask for advice from everything on choosing a specialty, bullying and evil mean preceptors so I sat down to give some...

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Should I run from this job??

I was an OR circulator for a hospital with six ORs, for nine years. I left town for a while and when I came back I had the opportunity to work at a small specialty surgery center. The similar pay, no...

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i just took my Uworld self assessment today I'm on 56% high chance on passing. I finish the whole Q bank 74% i'm on 98th percentile i'm taking my exam next week does anybody same situation? trying to...

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2nd attempt NCLEX Passed! Uworld

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share my story since this platform seemed the only thing that gave me answers when I was lost and discouraged about trying to take the nclex again! I graduated May...

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PlanB after getting kicked out of nursing program

I was recently kicked out of my nursing program because i didnt meet the GPA requirements. I never failed any classes or nursing classes, didnt have to retake any as well. I was a first year college...

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I studied but cannot remember a thing! Help

Hi, I'm second year student and my final semester exam is this Monday! I have studied so much but the information doesn't seem to stay in my head and I am stressing out. Is there any tips anyone can...

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REDICULOUS mistake, worried I'll never practice nursing again

**Please keep negative, hateful comments off this thread, I've already beat myself up for weeks regarding my current situation and don't need a gang of you to help me:(** I have been in Nursing...

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What is considered a positive TB test, 10mm or 15mm?

In school I was taught 15mm but on CDC its giving two different answers which can i go by for standard?

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