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  1. Nurses

    Terrible experience with nursing staff

    Im going through a really rough time and Im not sure this is the best place to put this post but I guess I need someone to hear me. I moved to Brazil in 2019 and, short story, I had an urgent hysterec

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    HR wants meeting or report me to BON

    So about a month ago I came here looking for advice about being suspended for a co-sign waste discrepancy. I just got an email from HR saying they need to meet with me this is the email i copied the e

    28 replies

    Sociopathic Staff

    Before she went through menopause, my wife Belinda, a medical nurse, was an eternal optimist who naively trusted others to the Nth degree. She would often say to me about anothers aberrant behavior, I

    24 replies

    How would you improve the nursing profession? (beyond better staffing, higher pay, etc)

    TL;DR: Nursing needs some help. What do you think will help improve the profession? Nursing as a profession is in definite need of improvement as we go forward into the future. Many additional tasks a

    22 replies

    Staff drama

    Does anybody else feel like nursing is making them jaded? I am a pretty easy-going person and usually get along with everyone but I realize my role as charge nurse has made it very difficult to have r

    19 replies

    When Nurses Say the Wrong Thing

    Last night, while straight cathing a patient about my age due to urinary retention, I thought of jeastridges article. The words are verbatim.

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    Keep getting rejected

    What can I do To be more competitive. I have My year of ICU. (I know The more years the better). I’m CCRN, ACLS, Pals..the norm. I have A masters degree with the last 60 hours of 3.9. I have An A in s

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    Restraint Free Facility?!

    We are soon going to be restraint free. And im a bit terrified. Our facility also lacks live sitters. I work on a PCU/tele/neuro/ICU holding floor. We typically have a sitter room that has 1 live sitt

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  2. CNA/MA

    Seeking advice about switching from Psych to Medical ER or ICU settings

    I actually posted this in the PCT forum last fall but got zero responses, so just trying my luck here. Ive been in this field for 11 years, I started as an EMT and then I became a PCT for an inpatient

    6 replies

    Advice when you’re stuck and can’t think

    Hi everyone! I am a acute care float RN at a level 1 trauma hospital. I am still fairly new at this job and I only have (short) previous RN experience at a rehab facility/LTC. So the learning curve wa

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    Airway Maintenance During Seizure w/Trach

    Hello, I recently got a position as a home care nurse for a patient with a Trach and seizure disorder. I know that in patients without a Trach, after ensuring a patients safety, we can turn them on th

    7 replies

    Is it an ethical violation to quit a job before you start?

    I will try to be as succinct as possible: a. I accepted a once per week job doing PRN disability exams on Sundays. I signed a contract as a 1099 worker that did not specify any damages for breech, but

    19 replies

    Uncontrolled asthma.

    I have a student who is always wheezing. I could listen to his lungs at any time of the day and there would be wheezing. This student can take every the inhaler every 4 hours. Today, the student neede

    17 replies
    Private Duty

    Aveanna Takeover of Maxim Healthcare Home Care Division Collapses

    The $1.25 billion dollar deal for Aveanna Healthcare to take over Maxim Healthcares home care division has apparently bit the dust over the months long Federal Trade Commission investigation that resu

    3 replies

    New nurse needs help finding a new non-bedside job?

    Hello everyone. I’m a nurse (BSN) who started in August of last year in the NICU. I had a Scholarship that allowed me to get hired exclusively in a hospital franchise, so they got my interview for var

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    Call Off Criteria

    Sometime back, on geriatric psych, an excellent staff member LPN who recently got her RN, Danni, needed to leave about an hour before shift change due to personal matters. The charge nurse had no prob

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