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Janie Harvey Garner, RN - Founder of Show Me Your Stethoscope

Little did Janie Harvey Garner know at the time, that the Miss America Pageant in 2015 would change her life forever. What started as an ER nurse's attempt to show support for Kelly Johnson and the...

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Code Status Errors Can Be Prevented

The code status of a patient admitted to the hospital is probably one of the most important pieces of information on the patients chart. Yet physicians, residents, and hospitalists spend...

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Cost vs benefit of BSN at middle age

Would you get a BSN if it was not required? I am a middle aged (if I live to be a hundred) new ADN nurse. I work at a smallish hospital in a rural area that does not require a BSN. The hospital...

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Damion Jenkins

New Grad Nursing Tips: How to Get the Most Out of a New Hire Orientation

We all know that starting a new position can be stressful and overwhelming. Nursing orientations are something that is often quite different than other workplace orientations. Unlike corporate retail...

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Leaving tasks for the next shift

On my unit it's policy that we need to have at least 2 peripheral IVs. During my shift last night, I had a pt with a dialysis fistula thus only 1 arm. He originally had 2 IVs at the beginning of...

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Kooky Korky

Anyone Knowledgeable Here About Medicare/Insurance?

I have a soon-to-be- former patient who can walk short distances with walker, has hard time getting back into bed. Can toilet alone. Cannot do even the lightest cooking because she can't let go of...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Harsh Advice or Helpful?

Dear Nurse Beth, I just passed the NCLEX at the end of June and have been scanning the job boards. I worked as a Medication Aide in assisted living and haven't worked the past year due to...

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I got academically dismissed from my nursing program.

I was in the nursing program at Long Island University. I was struggling so much in the program and I ended up failing two classes with less than .4. I always wanted to go to New York University...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Can I be hired after being treated for depression and anxiety?

Dear Nurse Beth, I've struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life. The past few years have been rough as I have been hospitalized a few times and I have had to take medical leave a few...

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Job Hunt
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New Grad Resume

Help! Currently writing my resume for my first job as a nurse. I don't really have any background in the health care field other than being a receptionist at a nursing home and working at an assisted...

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How long have you been a nurse

I was thinking and realized that I'm coming up on my 30th year of nursing. When I started we still wore dresses, hats and stockings and carried a pinned fob watch. Everything was done on paper and...

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allnurses Magazine Summer Issue: Quarterly Publication for Nurses

The second issue of our new allnurses Magazine is now available in two versions: online and print. The allnurses Magazine is a free publication with a strong emphasis on Empowering, Uniting, and...

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Purchasing Power of Nurses Across the U.S. - 2018 allnurses Salary Survey Results Part 5

Whether you are looking for your first job, considering switching positions, or even wanting to see how your current salary stacks up against others in your area or even a different location, what...

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Operating Room
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Help Solve OR Burn Mystery!!

I have been circulating CT for 10 years and have never encountered this issue: In the past 2 months my OR has had 6 open heart patients that present with partial thickness burns 1-4 days post op. ...

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Damion Jenkins

Critical Thinking is MUCH more than an NCLEX Buzzword

Critical thinking in nursing is demonstrating the ability to organize thoughts, develop questions, and analyze data in a systematic and logical manner to ensure safe and effective nursing practice....

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Under investigation

Hey guys! Clare here. I can't believe I'm asking this question and this may be the difference between my job and being unemployed. I'm a CNA and I work in the cardiology unit on the third floor. I...

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Miscounting Meds

I have been in my new grad program here in NYC for about 3 months (since April). During my time in the program, on 2 occasions miscounted controlled substances (ativan and PO norco) on the Pyxsis...

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What's the best way to deal with a collegue who is known for slacking off every shift?

We have a nurse who is well known by the other nurses to hide out and do as little work as possible. She is a casual employee and plans her schedule perfectly so she can do as little work as...

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"that's a myth about nursing"

I just got off the phone with a young applicant to rent from me. I mentioned that I worked yesterday, so she asked me what I did. She's a college student herself. She said, "Oh, wow, that's a...

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2018 Summer Nursing Article Contest - Win $150

It's hard to believe that we just celebrated July 4th! It's time for the Summer Article Contest. Many across the country have been experiencing record heat. While you are trying to keep cool...

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