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Don't Leave Your Money On the Table

When nurses graduate nursing school they are often at the end of their proverbial ropes. After several long years of barely making ends meet and surviving the NCLEX most people just want to get that...

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BS 94, Lantus 20 units, give HS snack?

So I work in a LTC facility on the weekends. One of my residents had a blood sugar of 94 at around 1930. She gets scheduled Lantus 20 units at 2000. Would you guys give her a snack at HS? The...

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How do you change a diaper without waking a baby up?

Hi! I"m a nursing student, and I think I want to go into pediatrics; I'm doing a clinical on a pediatric GI unit and we have a lot of kids who are ordered for Q2/Q1 diaper changes. I don't want to be...

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Is it jealousy, bullying or my imagination

A few months ago, I was approached by upper management about cross training for nursing supervisor. The position was going to be intermittent as needed to cover vacations or days off. I was so happy...

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Birthing gowns

LDRP nurses: what's your opinion on birthing gowns? They've been popping up on all the mommy blogs, but I wonder how practical they actually are. What are your thoughts on birthing gowns versus...

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Poor attendance in past hurting future

I've struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life. The past few years have been rough as I have been hospitalized a few times and I have had to take medical leave a few times, so attendance...

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Anatomy Advice and Help Needed!!

Hi there, I am currently in the pre-rec stage of the nursing program at my school. I was originally a Bio major, but I decided I wanted to pursue nursing instead, especially since I had the...

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Help!! PN 2018

Hello, I take my Nclex PN for the 2nd time in 10 days. What is some good advice? I feel so nervous, because I didn't pass the 1st time. I did great in school & clinical but for some reason I bombed...

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should I move up my NCLEX date?

Hey my NCLEX is for 7/28. I have an option to move it up to 7/18 (that's the only other option available currently) I have been using Uworld primarily. I have 450 Uworld questions left...

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Difficulty Getting Hired

I have been in the profession for over 25 years. Last 11 in leadership, including professional staff development and CNO. The organization I was last with had a huge lay off where middle management...

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Jen and Larry

Pt fell and I think its my fault

I work at an assisted living Theres a Pt that wonders all day She uses a walker and doesnt have the steadiest gate The other day she complained of chest pains I went and talked to her although...

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Return blood in IV

Does your hospital have a policy of return blood in new IV placement? I've read conflicting reports.

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What should I do?

I am feeling really stuck and hopeless in my career path. I graduated 3 years ago with my ADN. I got my first job working in LTC, thinking it would be temporary until I gained enough experience. I...

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You COBs Were Right After All

I have gotten some great advice over the years from COBs that have really enhanced my work/family life. Among them are: *Take your breaks and vacations or you'll burn out fast. *Toughen up a little...

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So conflicted..hate current job..two new options

Ive been working in an ER for about 8 months now. First RN job out of school, second degree, etc. Its the busiest ER in my state. And I loathe going to work everyday. I feel anxious days before I...

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How often are you asked for opiates?

I was talking with a former ER NP who said one of the things that burned her out was drug addicts seeking opiate pain meds. Just curious how common this is for NP's?

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First Job, Unsure of Role

My first NP job ever, and they are opening a new clinic, which is where I'll work, though I'm training at one of their current clinics. When I was interviewing, I was told that they would have 1 new...

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NCLEX RN July 13th

Hey guys, I took the NCLEX-RN on Friday July 13th (yesterday) at 11 AM. The test cut off for me at 75 questions and then I got 13 research questions. I took about 1 and a half hour to complete the 75...

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Need some reassurance and advice from a CNA plz.

Hi! I'm new here, I'm a CNA working in Assisted Living for over three years and I've had my ups and downs a lot and I am good at my job and love it too. I mainly work with residents who have memory...

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Hello, So I feel like I've been in community college for so long. I have gone solely part-time and struggle a lot with math so I was to taking different math classes over most of the semesters....

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