In 2 yr RN prog, if fail a subject,will it effect me while applying for RN job.



what if i get a "d" in one subject for example pediatrics or maternity and i repeat that subject. at the end when i graduate and apply for jobs will it effect me. like do hospitals look at the transcripts or ask for high gpa. please anyone who has graduated recently and have got jobs must be knowing what hospitals are looking into. could you please advise.


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I really do not think this will affect you. Once you pass the board, you should be okay.


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At least where I am, you are expected to bring a copy of your transcripts w/ you at an interview. But-- I don't think it is that big of a deal. If you are an RN, you are an RN- so if you failed a class, it's not the end of the world.


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Over the many years I've been in nursing, potential employers have only been interested in verifying my education (that I actually graduated from the schools I said I graduated from), not the specific grades I earned. The only situation I can envision in which your actual grades might matter, possibly, would be for something like a prestigious, competitive internship/fellowship where there were a bunch of well-qualified applicants -- if the hospital were having a hard time narrowing down the candidates, they might go as far as looking at GPAs to make a final decision.

But, regular, ordinary jobs?? Nah ...


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Employers will not know this information unless you tell them. They do not ask for your transcripts nor do they ask what your GPA was. All they care about is that your license is in good standing. You have nothing to worry about. Do not offer this type of information during an interview or you will have trouble getting a job. Instead speak positively about your school experience. Good luck.


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Employers will not know this information unless you tell them. They do not ask for your transcripts nor do they ask what your GPA was.

This is not necessarily true; I have had many employers over the years ask for transcripts or have me sign a ROI for them to contact my schools -- however, the purpose was simply to verify the information on my application (that I actually attended the schools I said I attended, just as they verify the former employment listed on the app), not to specifically look at grades.

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as long as you school considers that a pass, however at most you'd have to repeat the course you got the D in, and in many a C would be considered failure

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It could be held against you. I know of hospitals in my area that are asking for transcripts of new grads. I agree that you should not offer this info in an interview and only provide a transcript if they ask for it. Don't open a can of worms that you don't need to.

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