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Hey there so I imagine this question has already been asked before but I'm going to ask it again. I've applied for nursing in Alberta here and been placed on a wait list. I'm trying to get ahead of the game and do some classes in the fall. I'm enrolled in microbiology in health professionals, psych 104, anatomy 120, and physiology I. My question to all of you is if I'm pushing myself too hard. I realize only I would truly know the answer to how much I can handle but I'm curious to know the opinions from those that have already taken these classes. I'm just wanting to know if maybe I should drop one of these classes or if four is do-able? I'll be attending macewan and would love some advice on how to move forward. I've heard mixed reviews on whether or not this will be an extremely heavy workload or not. I will be working part-time on top of this. I would be extremely thankful for any information you can provide :)


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If it's been awhile since you've been in school, I'd trade micro for something easier, non-science. I did 4-5 classes each semester for my BS(N) with two little kids in tow. Wasn't easy, but I ended the first half of my degree with a 3.9, which was definitely good enough to get accepted. If you're comfortable with a&p/physio after your first semester, then a&p 2 shouldn't been too bad with micro.

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You know how much you can handle. Personally, my last semester of pre-reqs I took Micro, A&P 2, English, Theatre Appreciation, and Speech with straight A's. I also had an office job. I think what you're suggesting might be doable, but you have to know where your limits are.

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Are those prerequisites for the program?

They're not prerequisites but classes that I would need to do within my first year. I wanted to lighten my load for when I'm actually enrolled in the nursing program so I wouldn't be doing five classes all at once per term.


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Anatomy and Psych are not that difficult. Personally, I would stick to three to keep the GPA high. Three also qualifies as full time, so the tax credits are there and are probably eligible to financial assistance.

Thank you! Today was my first day and I decided to drop micro. Going to focus on three classes for now and do micro next term. Appreciate your input! :up: