In the middle of orientation and I just hit a wall...


I'm set to go independent some time in January. How scary! Anyway, I had a minor problem a couple weeks ago when I had strep throat, so I had to take 2 days off. I took my antibiotics and I was better. Yesterday, my sore throat came back again, plus a weird rash. Now I have mono. Figures. I'm in the middle of orientation and I'm most likely gonna have to take a couple weeks off to recover. This sucks. What did I do to deserve this? :bluecry1:


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Feel better, soon:redpinkhe. I had mono as a teenager. It was an incredibly exhausting illness. I remember being very tired all the time and took about three weeks to recover. It does suck to have this happen smack in the middle of orienting for a new job.

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I hope you recover quickly. I had mono in h.s. and honestly, I needed a lot more sleep for months afterwards. Take care of yourself!

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oh sweetie....i hope you will feel better soon !

you will be able to catch up once you are on the mend. feel better :heartbeat

praiser :redpinkhe

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I'm sorry to hear that. It stinks to have to start up a new job like that. I remember starting at a VNA a few summers ago and through the course of my first day of a brief orientation I could feel my face swelling up and my eye swelling closed. I had poison ivy all over. I felt like such a jerk having to leave early to see a doctor on my first day there.

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Perhaps the stress of orienting (not to mention finishing school, NCLEX) has lowered your immune system. At the end of my first quarter of grad school and a stressful situation at work, I broke out in shingles on my face. Luckily, it was over Christmas break and I had 2 weeks scheduled off.

Please give yourself time to get better.



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Yes that stinks to have an illness during orientation; however, it is almost better to be sick when you are not on the floor by yourself. It is easier to cover the missed shifts. Just concentrate on getting better...

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