In Hospice are RNCM's Ever Paid Hourly Instead of Salary?


Hello I recently became a Hospice (RN) Case Manager. Does anyone know of a nurse getting paid by the hour (instead of salary) in hospice? I absolutely love the job, my co-workers, and my boss. My question is, does anyone know or ever heard of an RNCM getting paid by the hour? This salary stuff is for the birds. While it is the most rewarding job I have ever had, it is really taking time away from my family. I want to continue in the work and I have even talked to my boss about it. It breaks my heart to have to leave a job because the expectations are not realistic at all. I am working 60-70 hours a week. I may have to go back to a job punching a clock. Are there positions for an RNCM to be paid by the hour? That is really all I need to know. 

Thank you

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Grane Hospice pays hourly.  They are owned by BrightSpring so it is possible other BrightSpring branches for hospice also pay hourly.


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Thanks. I looked them up but I am Texas. I am trying to find a way to continue in hospice, keep the medical benefits but not have to work 65 hours a week and get paid for 40 or less. 

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On 6/6/2022 at 11:10 PM, Texasdude said:

Are there positions for an RNCM to be paid by the hour? That is really all I need to know. 

Yes, there are. I was recently hired PRN hourly in hospice. The hourly pay even includes drive time!

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I’m working full time hospice in Illinois, which I realize doesn’t help you much as you stated you’re in Texas. Most companies here pay CMs on an hourly rate as far as I know. Management gets paid by a salaried rate, which yeah…if you’re also sometimes in the field can suck. Our company is small but incredibly wonderful. They’ve really tried to roll with the economy…we are paid for our mileage and as gas prices have risen, they’ve raised what they pay per mile accordingly. We recognize not all employers have done that. This has been the first place I’ve worked for in YEARS that I’ve truly loved my job, my bosses and my coworkers. 


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I have worked for 2 Hospices and have only been paid hourly. I would not work as a salaried employee for hospice. Too much overtime. 

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I work for an independent, local, non-profit and all of our RNCM's are hourly. 

I have worked as both a salaried and hourly hospice RNCM. Both have their pros and cons. Salary does give you a steady pay rate which is dependable and consistent, but there is no such thing as OT. Hourly properly pays me for the hours I've worked, but when census drops and there isn't enough visits to keep me busy for a full 8hr day, I see a dip in my weekly pay. I should add that I'm in MI as well. 

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Care Hospice branches pay hourly and our nurses are happier! Getting paid for the work being done, especially during those busy times!