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  1. Home hospice CM questions

    Congrats on landing a second interview! I found hospice to be an extremely rewarding specialty. So, onward to the questions: 1) Yes, this is completely reasonable. IMO, home hospice should be no more than 15 patients per nurse. I will say, this...
  2. Weekend hospice call offer

    First, can you clarify are you covering just hospice patients or also home health? That didn't seem to be very clear in your initial post. If you're covering both, then run. Hospice is plenty on its own without adding home care into the mix. If...
  3. In Hospice are RNCM's Ever Paid Hourly Instead of Salary?

    I have worked as both a salaried and hourly hospice RNCM. Both have their pros and cons. Salary does give you a steady pay rate which is dependable and consistent, but there is no such thing as OT. Hourly properly pays me for the hours I've worked, b...
  4. Hospice Case Manager?

    I would say at least 75% of your day as a hospice CM is spent doing patient care. As the case manager, you are assigned a caseload of patients (hopefully 12-14 max). Your job as the case manager is to visit those patients weekly or as required- some ...
  5. Triage and on call

    Delivering meds?? That's a HUGE no no where I work. We actually had a nurse get fired for picking up Tums to take to her patient.
  6. On-call hospice nurse

    I highly suggest you speak to your manager about their expectations of you for visits. Personally I would not go out to a facility at 2am for only a skin tear. However, I would be scheduling a routine visit for the next morning for the patient to be ...
  7. Triage and on call

    PRN visits vary in nature. Most visits are for an uncontrolled symptom of some sort i.e. intractable pain, dyspnea, terminal restlessness, uncontrolled oral secretions etc. However, I've gone out on PRN visits to troubleshoot catheters, changes in LO...
  8. Foley Catheter

    Depends on the doc, I have one who likes changes q30 days and PRN, irrigation only PRN for occlusion or excess sediment. I also have another who prefers we follow the CDC guidelines and just change PRN, and irrigate PRN.
  9. help!? Which job do I take?

    Do you have a clear idea of where you want to be at in 5 or 10 years? Because if you envision yourself as an ICU nurse, for example, you should pursue the cardiac tele position, no doubt about it. However, if you're not sure where you want to go with...
  10. Repositioning end stage of life hospice pts

    Reposition as you would for any other patient, unless patient comfort is in question.
  11. Best job during FNP school?

    I'm currently working in hospice, and I'll be starting a FNP program in the fall. If the company you'll be working for is anything like mine, I'd think the case manager job is more in line with what you want to do. As the case manager, I am the point...
  12. To those that left critical care for this

    I did not leave critical care, but a step-down unit with moderate care patients. I found no shortage of being bored. It is a very different setting though. My typical day as a hospice case manager looks something like this: Arrive at the office at th...
  13. Thoughts?

    Currently, I work as a salaried case manager, however when we pick up extra shifts overnight/weekends/etc, we get paid per visit. Our visit pay is as follows: $50/visit, $60/death visit, $130/admission. I think if you can be efficient and can make ma...
  14. Help! New EMR System

    Please, do NOT pick HCHB. I feel that it isn't very user friendly for hospice- it was originally developed for homecare and then formatted for hospice use. Trust me, you can tell. It also made about 3x more work for our office staff due to the "back ...