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Kelly77marie has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. Normal Hospice Care/Rural Hospice "Service"

    The patient/family should absolutely have access to the care plans... they should have an active role in Hospice care plan making and be kept up to date on any changes made. A copy of the care plans should be kept in a binder in the patient's home.
  2. Hospice agency shutting down - help!

    I would also encourage Hospice and end-of-life education for your physicians. I have found many providers lack knowledge about how to properly prescribe/deprescribe at end of life.
  3. Normal Hospice Care/Rural Hospice "Service"

    Sorry, meant it is hard to get volunteers after COVID.
  4. Normal Hospice Care/Rural Hospice "Service"

    The nurses are not following Medicare guidelines. A comprehensive exam is required every 14 days, to be done by a registered nurse, not a LPN. I will say it is common after COVID to get volunteers, but it is also a requirement to work towards a volun...
  5. In Hospice are RNCM's Ever Paid Hourly Instead of Salary?

    Care Hospice branches pay hourly and our nurses are happier! Getting paid for the work being done, especially during those busy times!
  6. Weekend hospice call offer

    I completely second all the questions to ask from the previous posts. They are important questions and can make or break the position.
  7. Hospice Case Manager?

    Excellent review! I completely agree with this rundown.
  8. Hospice Case Manager?

    RN Case managers in Hospice see anywhere from 3-6 patients on average per day. Your job is direct patient care.
  9. Reduced to part time and then ghosted

    27 visits a week! Be glad you don't work there... that's ridiculous. I make 13-17 visits a week. That's one visit a week per patient, with possible increased visits d/t decline.
  10. Considering Hospice

    Again, depends on agency. Most of the time, yes. How much depends on if your company has dedicated on-call staff or depends on regular staff to fill out their on-call schedule.
  11. Considering Hospice

    From my experience... go with an established, larger hospice. They will have the resources available to do your job the right way. Smaller hospices are great in theory, but they are hamstringed by tight budgets and small staff. Also, I can only comme...
  12. Considering Hospice

    I wholeheartedly agree with kaisu.... I've worked for 3 different hospices in the Phoenix area. The one I currently work for is, hands down, the best. You have to find one where the management style fits your work-home life. I am able to set my own s...