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I have returned to the bedside from which I came. I am enjoying it!!! Am I losing it. I keep hearing about how awful it is out there and that all the good nurses are leaving the bedside. I left for 7 years and yes, the floor is more acute, there is less staff, and the pay difference from when I left in 1995 to when I returned in 2002 is so miniscule as not to even mention--but I am able to have patient contact.

As an instructor, I only had patient care through my students. Now I am able to give the kind of care I want to. How long will this euphoria last???? (kind of like new grad with honeymoonitis)

I cannot say--but I am enjoying it for the moment. Of course I have my teaching to fall back on--but for now I am among the "nurses" and doing the nursing that I went into the field for in the first place so many years ago.


I am so glad you are able to bask in your glory.

Enjoy it, live it and love it!

I hope you don't come down from your high.


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Congratulations and welcome back to the bedside! :) I know you'll be missed in education - it takes the "just so" kind of person to make learning a memorable experience (and not the "you shoulda seen that beatch instructor I had" kind of memorable ;))

You aren't losing it - we love nursing or we wouldn't be in it. I'm glad you're all a-flutter with the newness of it! Keep up the great attitude.

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Oh, don't lose it! Your attitude will become infectious and soon all will remember why they became nurses....the patients!

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Welcome back...I hope you are fulfilled andhappy. WE sure NEED YOU!

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Amen! Welcome back zumalong!


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