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Please remember terms of service and copyright when posting. If copying from a book please quote source and if from a website wither just post link to website or post link with a paragraph from the site.


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the information i posted are from: Feur notes. Forgot to quote.. sorry!

It is in violation of US copyright law to post something without the written consent of the author or the publisher of the material. You may only provide a sentence or two and then have to provide the link to it, but it cannot be posted here.

Sorry, but it does not take into account how important that you think that it is, but that fact that US copyright law takes precendence here over everything.

Allnurses.com is subject to being sued for posting it. And because of this, the threads are going to be edited to comply with the US Laws. We are not exempt from them and there is already a sticky at the top of this foum concerning this.

the entire thread has been moved from view as it contains copyrighted material and cannot be posted here without written consent of the author and/or publisher of the material.

please read the sticky at the top of this forum concerning copyrighted material. allnurses.com is legally responsible for all that is posted here and we have to abide by us copyright law, just as you need to do.

if you wish to post something that you have written, then great, but taking something that someone else wrote is not acceptable here per the tos of this forum.

i love to see students pass the exam, but we are all held to the same rules and regulations. thanks for your understanding on this.


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It is in violation of US copyright law to post something without the written consent of the author or the publisher of the material.

Without venturing off into an entire new subject, I just want to point out this isn't always the case. See: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.html for a description of applicable fair uses of copyrighted material.

As far as this bulletin board goes, it is. We do not have the time to go and research each post that is made to check out its source, and most of the time the source is not listed so that makes it even worse.

And after just having looked at what you posted with that link, I am still correct once again. We are not teaching a course here where the teacher copied something and then handed it out, and again, that would have credit given to the person that wrote it and that is where the issue comes into place.

We are not a school nor are we doing a critique of something and therefore need to abide by US copyright laws. just as listed in the link above. The exemptions that are listed there do not apply to us, and what is listed by an actual publisher is what needs to be followed and almost all require written approval to use it where it is posted on the web or something similar.

This is not the place to split hairs over this, but the fact that US Copyright Law is in place here and needs to be followed. This bulletin board is also privately owned and one needs to abide by the rules that are established here as well.

And we do not permit here.

hypocaffeinemia, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care.

I don't want to get into any sort of argument here, but I think that you have misread the "fair use" doctrine. I agree, however, as a privately owned board you have the right to do as you please-- especially staying on the conservative side of potentially risky areas.

I know about fair use and how internet discussion boards are affected by it because I manage one of the largest networks of secular online communities on the internet, and I've had our legal staff research this.

You are correct, we have to go by what is in place for this site. Due to the number of things that get posted here, we do not have the time to check each and every one of them out.

But even with "fair use" doctrine, the final say is still up to the author and/or publisher of the material and that is where most when it comes to nursing and the NCLEX exam, are very limiting in what they will permit to be posted. If they state that it cannot be posted without their written permission, then that is what needs to be followed.

Posting something on this forum is not under the specifics listed for the "fair use" doctrine as we do not meet those requirements for the usage of the material.

Again, the wishes of the author need to be met, as well as the credit given to the author, etc.; and that is what has not been done here. That is where a bigger problems lies and why we are so strict with this here.

I would not want someone posting something that I have written on another forum without getting the credit for it and it looking like that person wrote it. This is another problem as well. Even something that is posted on this site, is actually copyrighted and needs approval to be posted some place else if one wishes to get picky about it.

Thanks for your understanding on this.

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