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have a question in the registration exams that states:

the maximum volume of a drug which can safely be injected intramuscularly into a well developed adult is

A) 2ml

B) 3ml

C) 5ml

D) 10ml

i was looking up online and asking my classmates but we seem to be stucked between 3ml and 5ml. if anyone could help us out it will be great :-D


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I always learned 3ml was the maximum in a large muscle and no more than 1ml in deltoid. I believe this is the norm.


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We were taught no more than 2mls in the large muscle and 1ml in the delt. I always give two injections if it is more than 2mls. Most my patients do not mind because they state the area hurts more afterwards if you give more than 2mls in the same muscle.

leslie :-D

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i was taught 2-3 ml in lg muscle, so i guess it would be never more than 3.


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2.5 in lg muscle, that's my max

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3ml large muscles, 1ml deltoid


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1-5 cc Hospital policy may dictate amount to be given at single site.

Z-track volume: AS PER ORDER.

This is from Idaho Alliance of Leaders in Nursing Nurse Refresher Course approved by Nevada and Idaho SBON.

Go by hospital policy first and formost. I found nothing in Lippincott.

No matter how much you give the rule applies as follows.

The key to the test question is SAFELY. I have only given 5cc by Z Track. I never given more than 3 cc per regular injection and due to most peoples development and muscle mass, anything over 2.5cc was divided into more than one injection.

So far as safe administration the refresher course states only this:

Take extra care to avoid nerves, bones, blood vessels

Do not insert needle to hub, it cannot be retrieved if it breaks.

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Maybe muscles are bigger in Idaho!:lol2: 5ML UGH!!!:uhoh3:



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I am telling my age on this one but I used to give 5ml's of Mag. Sulfate deep IM in EACH hip Q4H for PIH before IV mag. became the norm. Now that hurt!!!

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