I'm ready to go postal....

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I'm sure it's just me, but I'm getting sick of my coworkers. Besides the one who left me transerring a patient to smoke, the one got snotty about the BP, I guess I'm just in need of a vacation.

Last night I was in charge. Busy busy night. I was with four LPNs, we had a patient seize, an unsuccessful code blue, three temps above 103, one respiratory distress, and our census increased by seven through the shift. All of us were stressed, but one nurse in the intermediate unit. Said nurse had four stable, quiet patients, which is o.k. I practically begged her to hep lock a patient for me since she was looking for an IV pole, "nah I ain't going through that just for a pole".

I think I'm loosing it.

You think I should:

A) Take a break from doing charge

B) Become a screaming raging lunatic when I come across selfish people like that?

C) See a doctor, people really aren't all that bad, it's all in my head

D) Go Postal

E) See if Taco Bell is still hiring and stop my sniveling

F) Toughen up it comes with the territory, all your coworkers are stressed., your a charge nurse, you duty is to serve them

Seriously, I'm tired of doing and doing and doing for everyone else. I worked NONSTOP for 14 hours last night.

Thanks for listening.

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Going postal sounds like an option. I remember those days. I just could not do it anymore.

I commend you......



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B) Become a screaming raging lunatic when I come across selfish people like that?

ewwwwww...........this is the stuff that concerns me when I start in January :uhoh21:


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ummmmmm...........what is 'going postal'?


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Your list looks in about the right order. Did you call the supervisor? How many beds on your unit. Unwritten rule......mayhem NOBODY goes off the floor. Super helps with transfers.

Taco Bell IS hiring. And I believe you can wear your scrubs there with a little apron over them.


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dang!!!!! heart goes out to ya... but thinks going postal is out of the question, too messy..lol...... maybe take a couple vacation days.. with the holidays added on to being a nurse it's a wonder we get anything done without bodily harm to others in our vicinity. knows nights like the one you just had makes you think taco bell work sounds good, but i reallllllllly think you would get tired of asking " hot or mild sauce?' after like the fifth time lol... so take a deep breath, put away all the really large bore needles and do what you do best... and merry christmas!!


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Don't ask Said nurse, expect her to pitch in and work as part of a team. "Would you please Hep lock Ms. Phlebitis in 4409 while I try to stop Mr. Grand mal from biting his tongue off and MS. Blue from coding".

Why is it so hard for us to put ourselves in the place of our co-workers? I'll never understand it....



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bewbew, going postal is when a worker goes nuts and brings a gun to work and starts shooting (so called because the first couple of incidences here in the states were at post offices -- the FIRST one here in Oklahoma). "Going postal" is VERY black humor!

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3rd shift guy do you feel better today?


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Thanks everyone. I do feel better. I've got a four-day weekend (working xmas eve and xmas day) and I'll take them all. Won't work any overtime. I think I need to detox my body/mind/soul from that place. LOL

Thanks for listening. (Thanks renerian for asking)


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thanks for that, researchrabbit sometimes I find it hard to understand, some of the terminology is a bit different than in Oz!


Black humour is good though.........


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"What would you like to drink with that?"

"Would you like hot, mild or fire sauce?"

"Thank you for stopping at Taco Bell. Would you like to try our new Chicken Quesadilla today?"


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