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I am working on my pre-reqs for an ADN program. I will begin it next year. I am so excited and I hope that I can do it with 2 children. My youngest is 9 months old. I am taking English 2, Am. History since 1865, Interpersonal Communications and A&P 1. I have A&P tonight! I am nervous! Thanks for listening!


Hello and welcome! There are many people on here that have a child(ren). I have one little girl and I am going to make it and I know you can too.

Take care,



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Hi Larae:

I too am a newbie but I just love this site. I have found out a lot of info and tips for the last two semesters that I have for my ADN. I also have children, but mine are older: two sons 22 and 15 and my daughter is 10. My oldest is out on his own now. They are basically fairly independent at this age, but I did my LPN course when my youngest son was only 2. I found they went to bed earlier then and I was able to have a lot more study time. At these ages, there is the constant interruptions, knocks on my door. So I have decided that I will do most of my studying at the library or in the car in the student parking lot!... Good luck and enjoy your schooling.


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welcome, larae!

:D :cool: :) :D :cool: :)


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Welcome to everyone :) We are such a diverse group, and there is nothing that we cant handle together. No matter what your situation, are you very likely to find a person who has been there, or is right there with you. Best of Luck! We are here for you :)



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Welcome. When I started in my program I thought "Two years is such a LONG time". Now I'm saying "Boy, that was fast!! Where did those two years go? and How did all this "stuff" get into my head??

There was a student in the class that had 4 kids when she started. She gave birth to her 5th during our 3rd semester!!!! She made it through to graduation and passed her boards this summer.

A quote from 'Waterboy': "YOU CAN DO EEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!"

Good luck and have fun. :D


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Welcome to the board! I love the board, I don't get to post too often-but read all the time! I also have a 9mo old boy & I know it will be a challenge since I'm also beginning the adn, but we can do it! Best of Luck!

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