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Hello everyone. I'm Sophie. Im a friend of a niece of one of the members here and she's showing me how to use the forum. I have got to say it's pretty overwhelming to see so many nurses talking together!! As soon as I get a computer I know I will be writing here a LOT!


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Hi and Welcome!! You will make many new friends here! I just LOVE your name Sophronia. It is so melodic...


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Welcome aboard!!!


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Glad to have you with us. It will be fun.


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My name is actually sophronia if you can believe it! I usually tell people my name is Sophia (Like Sophia Loren). Of course Im not a tall beautiful Italian, Im a short, kind of average round brown haired person. Ha Ha


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WELCOME!!! stay a while and enjoy yourself!


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welcome, come often, post often!!!

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welcome to the land of the nurses! great to have you aboard! we love newcomers...brings a fresh attitude and persepective!! :p


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Thank you for the nice welcome. What jobs do you all have? IM a RN out of work right now but thinking about looking again. Ive had some health problems and that has made me afraid when I think what if I can't make it.


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I am an ER RN/Coordinator--and I do EMS also.

I am not trying to be nosy--but is there something we can help with?


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Welcome, good luck with your decision to return to work and with your health. I am an LPN in LTC for MRDD. NIce to meet you,


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welcome and enjoy with all nurses on th discussion board.



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