Lurie Children's New Grad Residency Fall 2017

  1. Has anyone who applied to Lurie Children's for the August/October New Grad RN positions heard anything back yet? I know the applications opened up on May 1st.
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  3. by   kbbbb2
    I applied may 1st and saw the application closed up already. I have not heard back yet
  4. by   jenny.14
    I also applied and haven't heard back yet! Hopefully it doesn't take too long!
  5. by   MPMChicagoRN
    I applied, too! Based on previous posts, it looks like we shouldn't expect anything until June...
  6. by   MPMChicagoRN
    Also, I applied for October... when did you all apply? What units?
  7. by   M0808
    I also applied and nothing yet. I expect at least another week or two probably. Keep posted everyone!
  8. by   babt3c
    I applied May 1st as well, but I have not heard anything back yet! I have been checking my e-mail like crazy though in hopes of an interview.
    I applied for hem/onc, PICU, and gen med. What about everyone else?
  9. by   cdm1157
    I also applied May 1st and I'm hoping we find out soon! I applied to NICU, PICU and critical care resource team. Where did you guys apply?
  10. by   MPMChicagoRN
    After a lot of internal back and forth, I decided to only apply to the PICU. Sounds like a popular choice! Fingers crossed we hear something soon :-)
  11. by   M0808
    I also applied to PICU, and then peds surg/transplant, and neuro/endo!
  12. by   mgray1995
    Has anyone heard anything at all??
  13. by   LAL0709
    They are not interviewing till June so maybe we will hear something next week?-- In Previous years, it took around 4 weeks to hear if candidates received an interview.

    Does anyone have PICU clinical experience or work with Peds as a PCT?
  14. by   MPMChicagoRN
    I volunteered for Child Life in the PICU at Lurie's for a little bit. I've also been placed in PICU/NICU float pool for my final clinical experience at Rush, and loving it...any other Rush students out there? :-) How about everyone else?