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hello, everyone! good morning. i have a classmate here with me and she would like to make several comments based on her experience with our school and the hesi exam. please, be kind with your... Read More

  1. by   xcoprn
    I passed the HESI at Truman, only about 30 of us finished from an original class of about 130?

    Like one of the posters said, the 30 that were left all passed the HESI and except for 1 or 2 people, we passed the NCLEX with the minimum number of questions answered

    We could've held the graduation in a phone booth.
  2. by   bilingualnurse
    xcoprn are you serious? What happens to those who fail? Only 30 out of 130 graduated from the program???
  3. by   xcoprn
    We had 8 people who failed on the last exam. They had GPA's of 77.87.

    The passing grade is 78.00. I figured it out at the time. It was basically one question for the semester. It was another Truman drama. The other city colleges had no problem rounding 77.87 to 78.00.

    I'm hoping that they took the last semester over again.
  4. by   xcoprn
    Sorry, not GPA but cumulative test score average. You need a 78.00% average on all tests for the semester to pass. For example, you could fail an exam by getting a 76% but still pass the program if you scored an 80% on the next test
  5. by   bilingualnurse
    Why is this Hesi so hard to pass? Don't they prepare you for it?
  6. by   haitianrn
    i ATTENDED tRITON cOLLEGE IN rIVER gROVE, and they, too make us take the HESI, in both their LPN and the RN PROGRAM. SO, its not just the city colleges....
  7. by   bilingualnurse
    Haitianrn, do you mind sharing how is Triton's program? Thanks!
  8. by   prettysmartjob
    hey, I just read your post today. I'm having the same problem with the Hesi exam. It is not fair. Did you ever pass it? I was thinking about the whole protest idea too.
  9. by   prettysmartjob
    Truman Student; I'm new to this site and I understand your pain, I'm responding late. I just took my Hesi 10th and failed!!! It was a horrible experience. I agree we should find some way to end this exam.
  10. by   ryan8
    @prettysmartjob: I also took it on the 10th and failed the cut. What school are you from?
  11. by   prettysmartjob
    Ryan: Can u e-mail me, at sweet_candyberry at yahoo I have something important to say please
  12. by   prettysmartjob
    Is there anyone here from Truman?
  13. by   Determinedtowin
    Hey we are protesting really soon regarding HESI....this upcoming an email to be contacted....We frustrated and hurt....we unable to pin or graduate.....