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new RN working in ED

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  1. xcoprn

    I hate my job! Help!

    How's it going? It'll come...I started keeping a notebook of all the things I messed up/ or needed to look up..as time goes on the notebook gets less and less used.. Start prioritizing....begin with the most important meds HTN, Cardiac, IV's and Insulin/Glucose administration and testing...the time would always sneek up on me and I would try to do my glucose testing just to realize the dinner trays where getting on the floor and you're running around... Note if any procedures are to be done the next day.... everything else will have to wait.... We've all been there. I remember when I would take 10-15 minutes to start an IV, Gtube insertion....
  2. xcoprn

    Feeling very discouraged & confused! Please help!

    I was 33 when I started nursing school. I worked not only full time time but at least 60-80 hour weeks. I was and currently am employed as a Detective in the Chicago Police Department. There were many times that I worked 24-36 hours straight and went right to classes or clinicals...believe it or not I think I still had it easier than some of the girls in my classes. Several were single mothers with young children who were actually pregnant and worked full time as well. We started with about 130 students and only about 30 from the original 130 finished. There were approximately 8 people who failed on the last test because their CUMULATIVE test scores for the semester were 77.87 and a 78.00 was required for passing...they did not round up. I acknowledge your stress, but it's a beneficial stress. Some even claify it as eustress [Hans Selye] as opposed to distress. It's the stress that'll enable you to keep those long hours and be disciplined about studying...But you also have to acknowledge that you have an opportunity to make improve not only your life but the life of your child...all of those single moms were one of the approximately 30 that passed! As a word of caution, when you look at all of the material that you are expected to cover...you are expected to cover it. Don't fall in the mentality that they can't fail all of us...there is a tech in the ER that I work with who just told me that her entire class at Triton failed the mandatory introductory class for nursing school...yes the entire class. Remember if not enough graduates pass the nclex the program goes on probation and then the next year there is no program if the passing rate does not improve...if the program disappears the instructors lose their jobs... clepp means that you can take an exam and if you pass are not required to take the class...
  3. xcoprn

    Two Jobs and or passions.

    I am a Detective in a major municipal police department and graduated from nursing school about 5 years ago. I am currently working in a busy ER.
  4. xcoprn

    Am I hopeless if I think I can actually start and get into MVCC?

    I was 38 when I started at Truman.
  5. xcoprn

    Lack of purpose

    I think you answered your own question when you said, " I didn't feel that way in the ER.". Currently work in the ER, I know how you feel.
  6. xcoprn

    From Police Officer To BSN- can it work ?

    Been a cop for 19 years, currently a Detective in a major city. I graduated from nursing school about 4 years ago and work in a busy city ER. I have not had a problem regarding the issues you mentioned. In fact the only nurse ratchet types I've ever encountered are on the POLICE department and no one in either job has asked me to cuddle. In BOTH jobs, I walk into a S!!!storm, project and instill confidence [whether or not I have it], assess the situation, and do my job.
  7. xcoprn

    City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

    Sorry, not GPA but cumulative test score average. You need a 78.00% average on all tests for the semester to pass. For example, you could fail an exam by getting a 76% but still pass the program if you scored an 80% on the next test
  8. xcoprn

    City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

    We had 8 people who failed on the last exam. They had GPA's of 77.87. The passing grade is 78.00. I figured it out at the time. It was basically one question for the semester. It was another Truman drama. The other city colleges had no problem rounding 77.87 to 78.00. I'm hoping that they took the last semester over again.
  9. xcoprn

    City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

    I passed the HESI at Truman, only about 30 of us finished from an original class of about 130? Like one of the posters said, the 30 that were left all passed the HESI and except for 1 or 2 people, we passed the NCLEX with the minimum number of questions answered We could've held the graduation in a phone booth.
  10. xcoprn

    Is it possible to work full time and become a nurse???

    I am a Detective in a major police department. I finished all the non nursing courses before going to nursing school. I went to nursing school while working fulltime plus about 60-80 hours of overtime a month. I was 39 when I started. It can be done. The pain will be great. In the end you'll say like I did, "Why didn't I just go to med school?" because if you can do the above you'll feel like you can do anything. So? What are you waiting for? Get your loincloth and start building those pyramids!!!!
  11. xcoprn

    slave labor

    FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) mandates you get at least a half hour break for lunch and at least a 15 minute break for your 12 hour shift, when i miss my lunch which is almost every time i work I stay an extra half hour to get paid for my lunch. However, this may become an issue where you work, where i am, we all end up taking our lunch at the end of the shift because no one has the time to take lunch. I know full well that management can retaliate against you "legally" so as with all things you will have to pick your battles. What I am famous for at work is putting oatmeal in a styrofoam cup and putting in some hotwater from the coffee machine we have for the paramedics (and yes sometimes I mix in a little coffee too) and that usually helps me from binging on crap at the end of the shift because as you can imagine there is always a feast of junk food at the end of the shift.