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  1. Hi everyone!! Just want to get information about the Nurse Educator Online Program at Georgia Southwestern university. I am planning to apply next Fall. 1. Are you able to work full time in the program? 2. Do you have mostly test or papers? Papers weekly? 3. Do you have to get a proctor or go to a test center for test? 4. How often are discussion boards? 5. How are the advance classes(patho, pharm...etc) papers? Test? Thanks!
  2. Looking into applying to online program FNP or Nurse Educator in 2017. Does anyone currently attending have feedback on this program? 1. Classes papers or test? 2. Workload for classes( are you able to work full time)? 3. Any progression or exit exams? 4. How long or how many pages are most papers? 5. Do you have to find a proctor for exams? Any additional information would be helpful. Thanks
  3. vanasd

    Methodist College of Nursing 2nd Degree Program

    Students and recent graduates told me the college has had low pass rates for the NCLEX for the past few semesters. If you need more details than that, take a trip to the college and talk to the students in the program that are to soon graduate. The best advice I can give you is to be your own best advocate. Do your research and find out everything you can before enrolling. Once again goodluck:nurse:
  4. vanasd

    Methodist College of Nursing 2nd Degree Program

    :confused:Beware if you are thinking of attending this college. I have heard the same thing from students that are attending and those that have graduated. Just make sure you check your facts before enrolling. Thats a lot of money to waste, especially if the school is in jeopardy. Make sure to find out from a creditable source not by asking the college. Goodluck:nurse:
  5. vanasd

    CRNA and ICU Nurses Please Help!!!!

    There is no time committment or penalty. I just don't want to spend the majority of my time on step down.
  6. vanasd

    CRNA and ICU Nurses Please Help!!!!

    Hi Guys, I just graduated from an accelerated BSN program in August. I plan to apply to CRNA school after a couple years of ICU experience. I have been interviewing for ICU jobs and have received 2 job offers.:yelclap: The first position is at a level 1 trauma center in Surgical ICU 7pm-7am. The problem: when I applied for the position, it was posted as a Surgical ICU position. Once I went to the interview, the manager explained to me that I would cross train for Intermediate(Step Down, 20 bed unit combined). I am only interested in the Surgical ICU. I do not want to work in Intermedicate or Step Down. They offer 16 weeks of training along with a residency program that last for 12 months. I am afraid that if I take this position, I may end up working a great deal of time in Intermediate which would not help me in getting the ICU experience that I need to prepare for CRNA school. The second job offer is at a smaller hospital, 299 beds to be exact. They have an ICU that consists of 12 beds. If I take the position, I would be an ICU nurse. The manager told me that they are a general ICU and take all types of ICU patients. She says that I would see and experience a great deal. This facility also does not have residents. The training is 12 weeks and if needed I could ask for more training time. The position is also during the day 7am-7pm. I am not sure which position I should take that will help me the most in the long run. I am affraid that if I take the Surgical ICU/cross train Intermediate position that I may not get the experience that I need to go on to CRNA school. If I take the ICU position at the smaller facility, would I still get accepted into a CRNA program? Those of you that are CRNA's, in CRNA school, or ICU nurse's...please provide me with the best advice possible. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Thanks so much for the information. I will live on campus. They do have 24 hr security. The program is 2 nights a week and also weekend classes. I will have to probably get a job. How is the job market in Peoria?
  8. Hi, thanks so much....What is it like living in the peoria area..I am thinking of just staying on campus because I do not know anything about the area.I will be coming from out of state.
  9. Hi guys, Wanted everyone to know that I got my letter in the mail...So excited!! Starting the program in Jan. 2010...What a great way to start off the new year!!!:dance::heartbeat Does anyone know anything about the college and there program? Is anyone planning on going to the Open House at the end of the month??:loveya:
  10. vanasd

    City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

    Yes, out of all the nursing programs in the state of GA that give Hesi exit (which are many), this one has the most tries at 10. Most schools in GA only have 2 or 3 tries.
  11. vanasd

    City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

    My friend taking hesi in georgia finally passed on the 6th try. They have a total of 10!!
  12. vanasd

    Methodist 2nd degree program in Peoria

    Hi... Did you ever go to the information session at Methodist College of Nursing?
  13. vanasd

    Programs with a Spring Start Date

    Methodist college of nursing peoria il
  14. vanasd

    City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

    Hey, Methodist College of Nursing in Peoria does not require Hesi.
  15. vanasd

    Methodist in peoria?

    Hi, It is accredited. I am looking into there accelerated program for Jan 2010. Have you heard anything (good or bad) about the progam or do you know any one that attends???