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City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

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This is an OUTRAGE!!!:angryfire:angryfire

One of my co-workers has to continue working as a PCT, while she goes thru nursing school AGAIN! She researched, and found a college that doesn't use HESI as a pass/fail.......I just hope that program doesn't decide to change their minds!

I really feel for all you Illinois RNs. When I graduated in WI, we only had to take this as a measure to see how strengths and weakness, in order to prepare to take the NCLEX.

Please let me know the name of the school which doesn't require you to take hesi. All my classmates failed the second test and now they have to attend another nursing school and start all over because none of the nursing classes are transferable. When we started school we were not told of the hesi and if I had of known I would not have went to city colleges of chicago. Please help some others who are in the same trickbag and let us know what nursing school does not require you to take hesi Thanks

Is this an issue at all of the city colleges? I was considering attending Truman, but this is worrisome. Does anyone know if this is a pervasive problem there, as well?

I would think twice if I was you before going to truman, we took the test on mother's day may 17 of 09 and not many truman students passed and the retake was july 17 of 09 and out of 60 students I heard that only 9 passed and the students were so angry they all protested but as usual to no avail and their only recourse is to retake the entire 2nd year of the program and then they get 1 more chance and then thats it you must try to find another nursing school and start the program all over because none of city college nursing credits are accepted anywhere else. Good Luck and chose wisely because if I knew about the hesi before I started school I would not have gone to city colleges. I do know that st. xavier is an excellent school and there is no hesi.

good luck choose wisely and read everything you can find on all nurses.com and other nursing websites about the hesi there are more people who fail than pass and these are people who passed these programs with flying colors and worked hard. school is just too difficult and time consuming to take a chance on not passing hesi in 2 try's if they gave us 10 try's like other schools or even 4-5 it would have been much better to me.

The only schools so far that doesn't require Hesi:

1) Harper College

2) Depaul

3) St. Xavier

As someone who is going to Truman this fall, I am SO APPRECIATIVE of the information in this thread! Looks like I will be looking in to transferring to DePaul down the line in order to avoid this mess!

The problem you might have is when you start Truman this fall and want to transfer to Depaul later, your credits will not transfer over and you will have to start all over again :banghead:

That's true. It is better to start where you plan to finish the program, because nursing credits are unlikely to transfer. And by all means avoid HESI!!

Yes, avoid Hesi! I graduated from a City College and new nothing about Hesi when I got there. I remember we all sat in a big auditorium for orientation and the professors spoke about passing Hesi right off the bat. We all looked at each other and said "oh crap". I was lucky I passed Hesi but they don't prepare you for it. You have to incorporate Hesi on your own plus the other crap you have to study for. The STRESS was unbearable towards the end because you have weekly exams, plus clinicals plus HESI looming around the corner. :banghead:

I don't know where to start. First, I am currently at a City college about to embark in my 3rd time in taking hesi. I scored 850 plus on the second try and guess what?? I have to now audit my last year. Let me tell you the cool thing they are doing since a lot of students at Truman didn't pass hesi on 7/17 and they had the majority all other students in the same situation that I am in has to go to Truman to complete this year. Now they are offering an accelerated program this time. Now this is how it goes...(you have an option I was told) Ob/psych 4 wks apiece peds/gero/medsurg 4wks apiece (gero may be included in medsurg), Sat or late in the wk leadership (night course), they are adding a critical thinking and test taking skill class. Also, each class being taught is suppose to be lectured by an instructor skilled in that field. Oh how nice it should have been that way from the beginning. We all would pass!!!! I spoke with my attorney and I plan on taking this a step further but I need everyone's help being whether you have graduated, in school, seasoned RN, just passed NCLEX, instructors we I need a signed petition to take to Mayor Daley or someone. If you are having demonstrations, protests please count me in. I am game. Think about it...If the students (all auditing) fail wouldn't CCC be through with all of us that are lingering behind and now they could move on with their fresh new talents and manipulate them the way they want to?? I was told that a similar incident happened in New York where the students went before their mayor complaining about Hesi and he has several hundred nursing instructors take the Hesi exam and majority failed. He threw out Hesi and told those colleges that the students who completed their courses successfully should be given their ticket to take boards. How could you expect students to pass this exam if you can't!!! Can we do that here. What do we do??? I am game. I don't have the money nor more strength. I keep looking at my children and that is my motivation but the bills keep coming in. Can someone out there pay my mortgage?? I just lost my job and so did my husband. Hell I lost mine while on leave at a prestigious hospital trying to acquire my RN license to go back there as a nurse. Oh I sorry they said budget cuts!!! At least as a nurse I knew I could probably get a job somewhere. No one wants to hire me now and I gave them 21yrs of my life. I'm sorry just venting. It's so unfair. My next contact is Chuck Goudie from ABC7. He is an invesitgative reporter. Maybe we could give him something. I want to get something done before I start my stressful school life again. As a nurse we are suppose to work as a team. Can we start now???

I am sorry to hear that. My classmate also failed the Hesi the 2nd time in July and will have to audit. I wish you luck :)

My friend taking hesi in georgia finally passed on the 6th try. They have a total of 10!!

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