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Hi, Are there any nursing students from Truman on here? Past or present. I have some questions that I can't seem to find the answer to on their website. 1. Is the admission still "lottery... Read More

  1. by   4hana9
    Quote from gonnabeanurse11
    Yes just make sure that you never miss class or clinical ever because it will really put you at a disadvantage. Also, make sure that you volunteer to do things in clinical or see things or whatever is offered take it! I would purchase the Fundamentals Success book and the Saunders NCLEX book because both of those were extremely helpful to me in 101. I dont know how you study but having a study partner or people that you routinely study with is very helpful in nursing school! I asked a girl in my 101 class if she wanted to study with me before our first exam and ever since then we have become the best of friends and have studied for every exam together in 101 and 102, it is invaluble to have friends that you go to school with. I am fortunate to have become good friends with several people from 101 and had them in my 102 class and now they will be in class with me again for 3rd semester, honestly I dont know what I would do without them. I cant think of anything else right now but as soon as I do I will post them!
    Is the "Fundamentals Success" by Patricia M. Nugent (2nd Edition)? That's the only one that came up when I searched it. Also, is it part of the package that's required or something that's just really helpful like the Saunders book?
  2. by   Chinis_R_N_
    Thanks again for all the info, gonnabeanurse11!! Ii'm getting everything ready for the orientation on Wednesday.... So just so I understand this right, in terms of professors, Kipnis is the #1 choice, followed by Preston. Murphy is your least favorite. Do you know how Romba is?
  3. by   Chinis_R_N_
    Also, when you get to the orientation early, is there someone handing out numbers or something so they know who came in 1st? I want to be prepared to physically hold my spot & not move if necessary LOL
  4. by   ewuncia14
    Thank you so much frida 26 and 4hana9 for your replays. I truly appreciate it. I hope I will do as well on that Compass test as you girls did. Wish me luck!
  5. by   4hana9
    The Nursing Orientation at Truman was such a mess. My God, they're so darn disorganized. I'm really scared that it'll be like this for the next two years and we'll all just go crazy. What did you all that attended the Orientation think?
  6. by   xoloveinautumn
    Of course they are unorganized! lol
    No it does get EXTREMELY frustrating but as long as I Can focus on my classes and graduate I'm good
  7. by   RUBY2623RN
    My god, that was horrible! what I don't understand is: if they have done this program for so many years, why don't they work to make it more organized next time!. What they can do is: at the moment you return your acceptance letter they should give you a number to bring to orientation day, or have someone give out numbers on orientation day first come first served. Something has to be done to avoid this nightmare. I also wonder if we have to go throu this process for the spring as well
  8. by   kmuellfa
    OK, I am really hoping someone here who is in the program will help me with this. I went to orientation today and got the book list. With the "bundles", the books will cost $833. If I but the exact books at, I will pay $486.

    What, if anything, will I risk by buying the books myself? Are there CD-ROM's I absolutely have to have? Codes I need to do online stuff? (Some of the books there are brand new-never opened)

    I already bought the "Calculate with Confidence" because I am taking Pharm 103 this summer, and the professor emailed me and told me NOT to buy the code from Becks, she will provide it in class.

    College textbooks are one of the biggest rip-offs of all time, and it kills me to spend the money when I don't have please, somebody help.
  9. by   4hana9
    That's exactly what I thought. If they've had such a good reputation and passing scores, why couldn't they just compile it in a better way. I mean, we DIDN'T EVEN get the complete book list. What the heck?! You're running this program so long and you can't come up with a COMPLETE book list by Orientation. It seems they don't really care. Also, another major MISTAKE today was them not telling us we didn't need dental, CBC, and urinalysis until someone else pointed it out. She was like, "Oh, won't need that." How stupid of them because I would have gotten that done and paid out of pocket.
  10. by   4hana9

    You're right. The textbooks are a rip-off. I'm getting them online. I don't really care because the major one we'll be using is the Fundamentals book. The other ones seem somewhat supplementary. I mean, there's no way we can use 15 books. Besides, the fundamentals book is like 1500 pages. I heard you only REALLY HEAVILY use 3-4 books. So, that's why I'll get them online. As long as we have the major ones like fundamentals and med-surg, we'll be fine.

    They're trying to scare us with the "access codes". She said 1 or 2 books needs an access code. One of them is the "Calculate with Confidence" which I got online WITH the access code, even though the lady said you can't buy access codes online. Yeah right! She was pushing us so she can get her commission!
  11. by   RUBY2623RN
    4hana9, I think that the best advice wil be from gonnabenurse11. She already went thru the first year and will be able to give us her input about the books, because the fricken package is so expansive! especially for us paying out of our pocket!
  12. by   RUBY2623RN
    Anybody here picked Holly Cross Hospital?
  13. by   frida26
    is anyone taking the not required classes, but "beneficial" (medical terminology and pharmacology)?? i'm wondering if i should still take it or drop it and save me some money for the fall semester expenses. i registered for medical terminology, because it was online and convenient with my schedule. although, i would had rather taken pharmacology because i think it's more useful. also, do you guys think it will be crazy for me to work full time this semester?? i have an office job and can probably make some time to study during work. other than that i probably will be studying in the night after my classes. i'm doing the evening classes?? i would really appreciate your input. thanks guys!!

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