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A working mom giving it her best for her dreams & for her family....

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  1. Chinis_R_N_

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Also, when you get to the orientation early, is there someone handing out numbers or something so they know who came in 1st? I want to be prepared to physically hold my spot & not move if necessary LOL
  2. Chinis_R_N_

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Thanks again for all the info, gonnabeanurse11!! Ii'm getting everything ready for the orientation on Wednesday.... So just so I understand this right, in terms of professors, Kipnis is the #1 choice, followed by Preston. Murphy is your least favorite. Do you know how Romba is?
  3. Chinis_R_N_

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Thanks so much!! Your quick reply is extremely appreciated... School begins in almost 3 months & I already have to get my schedule straight LOL Your info on the skills lab is also helpful for me to figure out what free time I will have to do them.... Are there any other suggestions you have about RN Orientation or Nursing 101 in general? (Yup I'm def planning on getting to the Orientation EARLY!! )
  4. Chinis_R_N_

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    gonnabeanurse11- I was accepted into the RN program starting in the fall & am looking over the class schedule listed in the Fall 2010 book. I notice the classes are set up in blocks, and Professor Kipnis is listed as having class from 9-10:50am MW. Is that correct? Are our lectures only going to be less than 2 hrs long each day? It seems that the other professors are set up doing 11-12:50. I need to know as I am coordinating school with work & babysitting schedules.... Any info would be greatly appreciated! (all the info you've given already has been really useful!) Congratulations on all of your hard work in RN school

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