Anyone moving out of IL to become RN

  1. HI,
    Are there any pre-nursing school moving out of IL to go to RN school? I have decided to move to a different state temp to get into RN school. I found two school in different states (hospital based accredited program with a good NCLEX passing rate) that look very promising :wink2: . They seem much easier to get into program in different states. General what I found is that with the two school I am looking into all I need is to passed the basic skill test, write a paper and get references and maybe an interview. Why is is so hard to get into a program here in IL? Any thoughts why in IL we have to jump through hoops and get all A's just to get in a decent RN program?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    IL is in the midst of a teacher shortage for the nursing programs. Since I received my MSN in 2005, I have people sending me all kinds of info on job offers. However, the pay is horrid and I can't take a pay cut.

    I wish you luck.
  4. by   Kathyz
    There is a huge demand for be a nurse and unfortunately there just are not enough nurses who want to teach. That's it. I think there's been a lot of stories in the news, etc., the past few years about the nursing shortage and people have really become interested in the field.

    There's so many applicants that schools can have the "pick of the litter".

    If you can move out of IL, great for you! Many of us can't leave. Take advantage of it. Just make sure you know what the reciprocity rules are once you want to get an IL-RN license if you decide to move back.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Also - make sure that the wait lists aren't LONGER somewhere else. I went to LPN school in 1990 in Las Vegas - no wait list. However, in 1992 when I went to IN there was a 3 year wait list at the public schools - I ended up paying the big bucks to go to a private school.
  6. by   meownsmile
    Fact is sometimes it is easier to get into an out of state school because they will get to charge you out of state tuition. More money than from a student they admit locally. Plus schools are always looking to beef up their "diversity" ratings and if that means taking a percentage of students from outside the area over ones there they will do that too.
  7. by   CC_ER 73
    Hey-just emailed U. I am originally from IL, moved 4 years ago to Schererville. Anyway, I plan to get my license in IL, IN and Florida. Not sure about the hoops or why. However, just keep doing your research, and I will too. U can always go on line to the Illinois and/or Indiana state licensing board to ask questions.
  8. by   iluvnurses25
    I am moving to Indiana to get my LPN. I am now enrolled at Moraine Valley locted in Palos Hills but the wait is too long for me. So if you can get into a program somewhere else w/o a long waiting list, go for it. Good luck to you.
  9. by   notsoinnocentkali
    I am in LPN school right and I am seriously considering moving to Lousianna they need Nurses so bad there and my friend who lives there says they are opening more Nursing schools and making classes bigger so they can except more students. She says right now that CNA's LPN's and RN's get to pick what job they would like to take not just what job can I get sort of thing. Since Katrina they have lost alot of Nurses and because of that hospitals are offering better pay and better benefits..