Any one going to Rend Lake college or Kaskaskia

  1. Just wanting to know if anyone is attending or has attended these colleges for thier nursing classes and what they are/were like. Any info helpful-Thanks!
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  3. by   housemomma
    wife attended Kaskaskia bridge program. She loved it
  4. by   megsmommy04
    Hi I was just accepted to the RN program at Kaskaskia. It seems to me that they could stand to fill the students in a little more than they do on what is going on with their nursing apps, but I did manage to bust my butt and get into the program a full 7 months earlier than any othe the nursing staff thought would be possible. All I can say is that if you are dedicated and are willing to bust butt then you will have no problem.. Good luck
  5. by   luckyangel
    I went to Kaskaskia for my LPN, and now I'm back for the RN program
  6. by   nurse_elyse
    Thanks for everyones reply. It's been pretty hard to find time to reply. I was in Lakeland Colleges program and missed passing a class by a 10th of a point and was told I could go back next year and do it all over again, but I'm ready to find a different school now. I've heard some really good things about Kaskaskias program and just wanted some more comments. Thanks again!
  7. by   luckyangel
    I have heard the Rend Lake is easier on thier students, but KC passes more boards. Just what I've heard though. I would go to Rend Lake if I was in their district, but I'm in KC's district. I'll tell you though....I'm in cardio and I want to pull my hair out!
  8. by   SNLiz
    Oh my my! SO many KC students here. Hey Lucky Angel, I just got outta cardio we know each other. In OB now...lots of fun. As far as Rend Lake vs. KC, um last I knew Rend Lake was on probation for poor NCLEX pass rates. KC's were at about 100% last time I checked. From what I hear, Rend Lake is easier to get into though and probably easier to pass, hence the NCLEX pass rates. You will bust your butt to get into the program at KC and bust three times over again to get through it. Only one more semester for me!!! YAY!!!! Oh and Megsmommy, I am from Okawville/Addieville. I was suprised to see a neighbor on here.
  9. by   Iwannabeababynurse
    i'm in the process of registering for rend lake for the lpn program. i've always heard good things about the nursing programs at rend lake.
  10. by   JB0IGURL2
    has any one taken the psb aptitude test for rend lake and how was it?
  11. by   wimpy
    I currently in the nursing program in AZ. My parents live in McLeansboro. My class is the last class for LPN program. It will no longer be available. Just wondering if that is nation wide or just state. Is Illinois still doing the LPN program?
  12. by   mind_numbed
    I am currently attending the LPN program at rend lake. Half way through it. Let me be the first to tell you, not easy. I was 4th in high school class, international honor society, 3.89 gpa through my BA in Psych, and at no point did I think it was easy. Rend Lake it a tough school for nursing, any program in nursing worth going to is hard though. You don't really wanna breeze through it and know nothing when you get done.

    It is difficult, but worth it. You have to love it though. I mean, yeah rend lake has had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX for the last three years, but they lose 70% of the class. not and exaggeration either (86 accepted 26 grads at the end). I am only one of 2 ppl left out of 8 (close friends). I barely made it out passing. Granted I had a lot on my plate, but no way a breeze.

    the instructors are tough, but very fair. Same rules for everyone, and they stick to them. Half the people out missed too much class, majority, or failed some togh classes. I only say this to prepare you for the life outside nursing to get used to being dead for a little while. With that said, I love it and it is worth it.

    My wife took the psb test. she said it was easier than the net. We took the net at the same time but she had some prereqs to kill first.