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I would call the police! The POLICE, not hospital security, not the supervisor, not my mamma, the POLICE. It's called battery.


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I was just thinking...usually when someone is aggressive, they do it without an audience. Many hospitals have security cameras. Perhaps there is proof on tape. And, so far as what I would do? I would treat it exactly like a stranger assault on the street and call the police immediately.


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Now THAT was an excellent post.

As I climbed through and was taken astray I never saw a dungeon (dang close to it though)

I have no idea how I would react, shove me and you automatically become a patient.

I assess you, and based upon that act accordingly.

If indeed you are a neurosurgeon, my hat is off to you sir/mam. If not we will find out.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, security will be called and you will be escorted from any floor I work. Should I ever see you shoving another nurse on my floor, HALDOL would be my drug of choice.

(based on the phone order received.)

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