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I'd Love to Hear Your Kaplan Experience!!!


Has 9 years experience.

I graduate at the end of June and our school requires us to take the Hurst review the week before graduation (we also took the review last summer before starting 2nd year). But since I know from experience that Hurst only focuses on content I would like to take a Kaplan course the week after the Hurst review as a back up/reinforcer.

So for those of you who used Kaplan, how did you like it? Did you feel that it prepared you well for NCLEX? And did you do the in class session, the classroom anywhere session, or the on-demand session?

I would really appreciate any feedback!


My school also required us to take Hurst review and I loved it. I was also freaking out so used Kaplan as back up, anyways long story short. I would not waste my money b/c after taking NCLEX I am sure no one can prepare u but yourself for exam. You need to know your content and then you can practice kaplan free questions online, they have old qbank that ppl use. I did inclass review,they constantly do questions for 8 hours for 3 days and last day you do take this test and they go over it. Kaplan teach you technique on how to break question apart and how to prioritize and think of ABC and Maslow. If you just need to take class to practice questions then go ahead. Everyone will have their opinion but I think you will be fine specially you are just graduating.

I am taking kaplan right now. If you have hurst then I recommend getting Qbanks and Qtrainers from Kaplan.

And yes it has helped me answer the questions better than I did. Will find how much it has helped me in few days :D

Hope this helps.

God bless.

Good luck

I took the Kaplan on site classroom course. I thought it was worth every penny. Our instructor was excellent and she went above and beyond the Kaplan curriculum. I used all the online resources as well; watched all the lectures, took all the Q trainers, sample exams, and 100% of the Qbank. The Qtrainers were great in showing me my weak areas and I focused on those. I felt very prepared and passed with 75 questions. Good luck!

starmickey03, MSN, RN

Has 9 years experience.

Thanks everyone! I have a $100 discount that expires in about an hour thats why I wanted to know how it went for everyone. But Im still unsure which route I want to take.

Loved Kaplan. I tend to over-think and Kaplan helped me to place boundaries on my thinking. My scores averaged 60-65% on Kaplan trainers prior to taking the 3-4 day course. After taking the course, my scores have jumped to 65%-72% on all trainers.

The only thing I have to compare Kaplan to is Saunders. My Saunders scores range in the high 80's to mid 90's. I think Saunders is waaaaay easier than Kaplan.

If I had to do it all over again, I would NOT do it without Kaplan.

I think the classroom portion was a complete waste of time/money but the Qbank and Q Trainers were awesome. They really prepared me for the NCLEX and that's literally ALL I did to study. I passed with 75 questions and honestly felt like Kaplan's questions were more difficult. I did not do Hurst review, so I can't compare but I don't think you can go wrong with Kaplan's online materials. Hope this helps!