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I want to start a nursing organization at my school


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Are you in a nursing organization at your school?

  1. 1. Are you in a nursing organization at your school?

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Hello, I am a senior BSN student. For a lomg time I have been thinking about starting some kind of chapter of a nursing organization. My school has recently gotten their nursing program started back up and there is no type of nursing support or organization for leadership roles, volunteering, mentoring or anything like that. I feel that it would be beneficial to the nursing students. I'm looking into starting a chapter of one of the organizations such as National Student Nurses Association. Which organizations are most common on your campus? Do you feel it is beneficial as a nursing student or more of a hinderance? If you are in a leadership role is it really hard to manage being a leader in the organization along with school work? Thanks so much for the input everyone!

jaycam, RN

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NSA seems like a great opportunity to me. My school used to have one that was super active, this seems to be a rebuilding year. Either way, there's a lot to learn from it. Effective communication, delegation, teamwork, planning, time management, etc. I think a good place to start would be your school's student programs department.

We have the NSNA at my school, which I am a member of. I think it opens up opportunities for us, and definitely tons of support. Plus the scholarship opportunities!:yes:

I enjoy the community service...so far it has been some fun stuff. And it's nice to spend time with students who are ahead of you in the program.

I think it's a great idea, and hope your school can get something started.


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That's great, thanks for the input. It's sometimes awkard trying to communicate with the upper class nurses sometimes and I really want to break that barrier. We all know how hard nursing school is, so I think it would be important to have a form of a support system at school as well. I am currently researching how to start a chapter at my school, wish me luck!


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I was secretary for a year, and then president for my remaining semester. I feel that having the organization and being an officer built my confidence, helped me network, and taught me more about being a leader than i could have ever learned in school. My friend and I implemented a peer mentoring program my second semester. It is hard work, but it can be done! It is a wonderful idea to start a chapter at your school! good luck!

Hi! We have an NSNA at my school. We have meetings biweekly and at each meeting we have a nurse speaker present! I absolutely love attending. Every December we have a Christmas party and make blankets for Project Linus. Great volunteer opportunities and experiences :)

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Definitely start an NSNA chapter! I don't know what state you live in, but our chapter at San Diego State University was really successful (still is). The NSNA website has all kinds of great resources to start the chapter. You need a faculty facilitator to begin with and I think some schools need a club application approved.

We started a mentor program in our chapter which paired incoming nursing students with more advanced students. It was wonderful and really assisted the freshmen in figuring out how to study and become leaders. Let me know if you have questions. I can put you in touch with people at SDSU or even the California Nursing Students Association, as I was a Board member for them a few years ago.


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See I love the idea of the mentor program, that is ultimately what I would like to do, I know it would have helped me tremendously during my first semester and even now. I'm in North Carolina so I'm not sure if you could help or not @Coriander. But if so, my email is scmceach.88@gmail.com!! I'm just trying to figure out all the steps and what I need to do. Thanks so much guys, I'm getting excited!:cat:

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Let me put together some info and contacts for you. I work tomorrow so it might take me a couple of days. :)