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  1. I went to a CNA program at a local 4-year college. It was a certificate program, 8 weeks, and cost less than that. Students were students, some more studious than others, but the deciding factor wasn't who paid for it. I was the student on a training grant, the one already working in home health for years as a caregiver, and I took it rather seriously since I needed it to get into nursing school. Now I'm a RN, I work in a smaller psych hospital, and I really enjoy my job. Your post comes off as if you fit the more conservative side of the spectrum. Learn to relax just a bit. Take a deep breath and understand other people can make choices. What will you do when it's your patients who want absolutely nothing to do with your sage advice? Everyone is an adult and has their own things going. Learn to occasionally let go and relax. If you don't, nursing school is going to be a special kind of torture. Being able to relax and laugh at the situation is a form of resilience, and every nurse can use a few coping skills that increase their resiliance.
  2. They told me in nursing school there were plenty of well paying, 1.0 jobs...
  3. Bellevue College Nursing @ Bellevue College
  4. jaycam

    Gift for Preceptor and unit?

    A handwritten thank you card goes a long way. I did one for both my preceptor and the nurses, then included a coffee card for the preceptor and made brownies for everyone.
  5. "I think that covers reflex testing"
  6. jaycam

    Night shift schedule?

    Actually, there is a subset of humanity that is genetically pre-dispositioned to being awake in nocturnal hours. There is plenty of research out there about it. If you are one of the people who either through conditioning or genetics, happens to be better off on day shift, that's great, but I happen to do better on nights. I would really hate giving up my 3 PM naps. I get cranky and irritable. On a night shift, I still tend to prefer to sleep shifts, so I usually wake around noon, have a snack, go back to sleep. This allows for me, for example, to do things during the mid-day if needed. I usually get home, shower, have breakfast because breakfast for dinner, nap, snack, chores, errands, back to bed for another couple sleep cycles, then up in time for the roommate to be home, dinner, and off to work after being social.
  7. jaycam

    What was the REAL reason you called off

    I had a similar issue back in those days. I was working as a nursing assistant/med tech in an assisted living community. These days, I sport a pastel rainbow of unnatural colors, but combo of night shift/liberal area/patient type has made it less of an issue.
  8. jaycam

    Night shift alterative hours poll

    I work 11-7:30 5 days a week as a 1.0 I actually kind of like it, but I really just like doing night shift. I spend my nights off reading and school work so I just live on that schedule. I should go to bed soon so I sleep for work, though.
  9. jaycam

    Flu Shot or Mask?

    Part of advocating for our patients is doing everything we can to protect them. They don't get the choice of being in our facilities, we do. If you're allergic, that's one thing, but if you're just trying to avoid the shot because it's uncomfortable, you are not upholding your end of the contact. I get sick for a couple days every time I get vaccinated. Still not the flu, which sent me to the ER the last time I got it, years ago.
  10. jaycam

    Should Obama care be repealed?

    What I commonly find when people make this statement is that people didn't actually know what their insurance would cover. It may have covered basic things like preventative care for a healthy person, but what about if they found out they had a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes or had a kid, or injured badly. They would then find out it wasn't perfectly fine. That they could lose their insurance because they were too sick, or it didn't really cover anything else. I had a friend who broke her ankle in a mole burrow one night. She had insurance, but she still ended up with over 10k in bills because her insurance wouldn't cover the majority of the treatment she needed for it. Follow that up with the hospital that treated her was unable to provide her with charity care, even though she met their financial thresholds because she had insurance. She got screwed heavily by the "My insurance was just fine"
  11. jaycam

    Can you be forced to be charge nurse?

    I've charged once in my first month at my first job, but it was in my job description and I was warned it could happen. While it's not comfortable, I was given help and resources, and even a bit of training. We use a lot of LPNs and NAs, sometimes we only have one RN, or if we have two, one is per deim or agency. Know your resources, reach out for help. I had two NAs who had worked at the facility a long time and knew what the charge nurse needed from them, so they were prepared to help remind me of why I needed those things. They knew were I could find paperwork I needed. The house charge was there so that I could call them if I needed help. They want you to succeed at it.
  12. jaycam

    Should Obama care be repealed?

    We can already do that. That's why I have insurance from Tennesse while living in WA.
  13. jaycam

    Should Obama care be repealed?

    My prescription insurance sucks with my new employer plan, but I sent my prescriptions to Target and got them cheaper that way. Inhaler included. I'm am nowhere near the point that I would begrudge people getting basic needs healthcare taken care of just because it made mine more expensive because I have been on the end of this they are at. Perhaps you have forgotten that since you have inhalers, you could easily be one of those people who can't get insurance if anything ever happened to your employer plan? Perhaps you really think the insurance companies would roll back now that they have moved forward. That is naive thinking. They won't go back, even if we did repeal, but we'd have lots of kids hitting lifetime caps again. Lots of people losing insurance because they found out they were diabetic during the ACA days. A lot of mildly sick people becoming very sick.
  14. jaycam

    Should Obama care be repealed?

    If it wasn't for the ACA, I would have never made it through nursing school. I am an ACA success story, having gone from unemployment with no insurance, full-time school, eventually gaining access to Medicaid through being in a state that accepted the expansion. You can read more about my story in the post I'll link here. I have pre-existing conditions, but I made it through nursing school, and now I am a nurse with an employer-based insurance plan. I have gotten myself up and out of poverty because I was able to maintain a baseline of healthcare while in school. https://allnurses.com/nursing-activism-healthcare/why-i-cannot-984481.html
  15. jaycam

    White Scrubs and That "Time of the Month".

    I seriously swear by my diva cup. I have horribly unpredictable bleeding that can suddenly pick up, but it has really reduced any "accidents." Even during heavy moments, it can last me six hours.
  16. jaycam

    Pima Medical Institute (PMI) Reputation

    PMI is the medical equivalent of the Art Institute. You can take the same classes, cheaper, elsewhere. They may get you a placement after graduation, but no promises it will be good. Where I live, they have several medical assistant programs. Had a friend who did one. He ended up owing more than I paid to get my RN, and while they helped him get a job, it was... shall we say, shady. When he left because he wanted a better MA job, he couldn't find work at all, despite having gotten experience after graduation.