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  1. Studentnurse365

    Looking for some advice before making a mistake.

    I don't know what courses you have under your belt already, but the pre-reqs for nursing and the pre-reqs for a basic bachelor's in biology are similar. You need your writing, math, chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, gen eds, ect. Maybe talk to the school counselors and have your transcripts evaluated to see what courses you need to start nursing as well as get a bachelor's degree. That way you are still working on furthering your education, but don't have to make a sudden life altering decision now.
  2. Studentnurse365

    Looking for some advice before making a mistake.

    In my state, I would recommend going though an associates program first to save money. Most employers in my state will still hire an ADN nurse and encourage a bachelor's degree. I can't say how other states hire. There are some hospitals that will not hire if you don't have a bachelors, so look into the hospitals in your area before you male the decision. If they will hire an associates most make you get a BSN within a certain number of years, but have tuition reimbursement programs. The difference between an associates degree and a bachelor's degree is the theory. Both programs will teach you the basics of how to be a nurse and educate you enough to pass the NCLEX, but the BSN program has extra classes about nursing theory. In my state the BSN is one more year than the ADN. The community college in my city is now offering a combo ADN-bsn route when you graduate from the cc you have a bsn. If your community collegend does something like that, it might be worth it. You work through the summers and graduate in 2 years with a BSN- I'm not sure of the cost, but it'd be different in your state. NP vs PA I would just research the difference and the scope of practice for your state. NP'S can practice without a doctor, but I believe that in some states they do still need a MD... I haven't researched every state, I just know a little about my own and what I want to do with it. Your best bet would be to research and shadow both. Finance wise, from my calculations in my state, the NP is way cheaper. However, PA schooling is brick and mortar, is basically a mini med school, and they don't recommend you work during the program whereas NP school is online and you pick the specialty of NP you desire-FNP ect. [All the NP's our there chime in] And you can still work as an RN during NP schooling.
  3. Studentnurse365

    Looking for some advice before making a mistake.

    In my setting, ICU, we do total care. We rarely delegate to a tech because we either don't have one or there is 1 for 20-30 patients. I am also not a fan of giving baths and dealing with poop/peep, but I am interested in the complexity of the patients in the ICU. I decided to be a NP when I went into nursing school and just put in my "time" with the poop and baths while gaining the much needed experience before heading off to NP school. I took the ADN route because it was cheaper. I'm in my RN-BSN program right now. I get a discount from the college for working with my employer, for being part of the ANA, and my company reimburses up to a certain % for x number of years worked. This route has take a bit longer but has been about 15000$ cheaper. NP school will be expensive, but I have been saving and it should pay out in the end. Rule of thumb: don't take out more than for school than you are expected to make in your first year [at that degree]. There are so many avenues you can take with your interest, you just need to be creative. I thought about being a PA, but I liked the different direction nursing could take you. Nurses have s many career paths available to them. Another reason I didn't choose to become a PA was the schooling and debt ratio. To become a PA you first need a bachelor's and then you go to PA school. If you can't hack it in any of those bachelor's classes or you don't get accepted into pa school you've wasted a lot of money and time. To be an NP you have to go to nursing school of course and in nursing school you have to provide patient care, which means giving baths, toileting, etc. To be a crna, you have to do the same. To do anything in nursing you have to bath and toilet. However, it opens a door of oportunities. Look into all the different avenues of nursing and then decide if you can't deal with a little poop for a few years. The financial aspect isn't an issue if you plan. With your knowledge you can make money during school as a tutor, personal trainer, etc. You don't necessarily have to work a full time job as a firefighter while in school to make ends meet. I too lived with my parents during school. I sat down with them figured out a payment t plan got a job as a tutor and was able to make it. It is possible. Living with your parents doesn't mean you're a bum- you're working and thinking about you're future.
  4. Studentnurse365

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    If you go on the gcu website you can see the list of classes that are required for the program. You can match up ones you've taken before and ones you need to take to see how accurate it is. I always double check the advisors because the school just wants our money. They aren't interested in having us finish quickly!
  5. Studentnurse365

    Started GCU online RN to BSN! Go Lopes!

    I'm in my 5th week of nrs433 or intro to nursing research. So far it has been my favorite class, but I do tend to be a more black and white thinker and research is very black and white! I'll be turning in my group project on sunday then heading off to spirituality! Anyone else headed to spirituality?
  6. Studentnurse365

    Research PICOT-Grand Canyon University

    I'm in the intro to research class right now too! Maybe use a specific amount of pitocin that way it can be measurable. During the immediate postpartum period will continuing xxxml/hr or [xxx mg] iv pitocin for 4 hours in postpartum patients decrease hemorrhage compared to a bolus dose of xxx in the immediate postpartum period? P: postpartum patients I: continuous pitocin C:bolus O: decreased hemorrhage
  7. Studentnurse365

    Best one sentence handoff report

    She pulled out her pacer. She literally ripped the wires from her chest. [Temp. Pacer] She's crazy. Oh, keep the code cart near she has a third degree heart block. Have fun!
  8. Studentnurse365

    Started GCU online RN to BSN! Go Lopes!

    I started in January and am in my 5th class. I took a couple breaks along the way :] Even though I haven't completed the program yet, I completely agree with what flames said!
  9. Studentnurse365

    Short staffing incentive ideas???

    We were offered bonuses as well. Ours were 1 exta shift a week for 4 weeks. The 1 extra shift got you an extra 200$ each week and after completion of all 4 weeks you got $500 extra.
  10. Studentnurse365

    fat in nursing school

    I feel ya. I gained 30 lbs in nursing school and another 10 when I started working night shift. 1 positive is I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism- I guess that's a positive... was put on meds but it's been a back and forth battle trying to get the levels right. I'm too high im to low. I feel like sleeping all day I feel like running a marathon. Count your calories, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park in the furthest spot away, do random things like that and soon you will have fulfilled your work out requirment.
  11. Studentnurse365

    CNA/patient ratio

    I work in an icu and we were recently bought out by a new company. With that change we were told 1 tech to 21 beds. We are looking into changing the duties of the techs so they don't feel so overwhelmed.
  12. Studentnurse365

    So I kind of messed up

    Employee health has had to look through my rx and they just glance at them. I bet someone wouldn't even notice a difference in dates from drug test to rx. Just a thought. It's a tricky sticky situation.
  13. Studentnurse365

    So I kind of messed up

    Can you get a prescription from your doc? Tell the doc how anxious you've been and that you think you need an rx for lorazapam. Then if the doc gives you a rx you have the rx to show them and you won't have to take your mom's anymore. Win win.
  14. I learned that you have to be employed for a year before you can qualify for FMLA and you can only call in 2x within a 90 day period or you will get written up. I had a stomach bug a couple weeks ago and called in. A week later I started getting like I was on some kind of upper. I didn't sleep for 3 days straight. My 3rd night of work I was getting nervous that I hadn't slept since I have a hx of sz and lack if sleep is a trigger. I didn't want to get written up and especially not since I haven't even been there a full year. I went into work. My HR had been elevated the past days according to my fit bit but that night at work I started having palpitations. I checked my fit bit HR and it said 140. When I was charting the lines on the screen started moving and I got dizzy. Long story short I had a seizure. [Doc had increased my thyroid meds recently, ended up having too much in my system] No FMLA until employed for 1 year. No calling in 2x within 90 days. At least I got my thyroid figured out even though I had a sz to do. [Almost 2.5 years sz free]
  15. Studentnurse365

    3/12: what I learned this week: ALWAYS taper your SSRI

    I had to get approval from 3 different docs to be allowed to work while having a dx of epilepsy, depression, and anxiety. Recently my thyroid has been acting up and my doc increased the dosage. Retested and the tsh was even higher so she increased the dose and changed the med. It worked too well. I didn't sleep for 3 days, heart pounding, etc hyperthroid symptoms. I was at work and had a seizure due to lack of sleep from the thyroid meds. It took 20 mg of ambien and mltiple dose of ativan to calm me down enough to sleep. I finally slept and could go home. My point is, my employer is awesome about it. I just had to take the rest of the week off to get my Thyroid figure out and sleep. If you are applying for or are already in a job where you feel like you are going to be fired based on your disability then that job doesn't deserve you. You shouldn't have to walk on egg shells.
  16. Studentnurse365

    3/12: what I learned this week: ALWAYS taper your SSRI

    I was scared to death to tell mine I had epilepsy after the crap I got in school about it. Turns out I had an awesome employer and a crappy school! I don't have bipolar so I can't relate, but if they were accepting of the epilepsy I would think they would be of they bipolar. People still have a stigma against epilepsy so if they got past that I bet they could get past bipolar.