I want to apply to crna school, is my gpa too low?

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I want to apply for CRNA school this summer. I have 2.5 years in a cardiac step down unit then 1.5 year experience in a cardiac ICU. In addition to ACLS and BLS, I am PALS, CCRN, TNCC, and Cardiovascular RN-BC. I did 40 college credits in high school through a college which were prerequisites for nursing school and had a 4.0 in those classes. I did one more year of prereqs and had a 3.9 I believe. Then I went to a 2 year BSN nursing program and my gpa there was only 3.08. My senior year I had a 4.0 but I struggled my junior year, anyway I took an 300 organic chem class this year which I got an A, and also a grad 600 level NP patho class which I also got an A. I need to take my GRE yet but then I want to start applying. Any more advice for me? Thanks!

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If you had the same number of credits each year your overall GPA should be well over a 3.5. You'll be fine.

You should be fine. You have done well with the advanced classes you have taken. And you have more experience than many. Do very well on your GRE and you should probably be fine from an admission POV.

you should do great. your gpa is just one piece of the puzzle and you have shown that you can excel in a graduate course.

I think you will be fine. Like the previous posters said, your GPA is one piece of your application packet - also your experience, certifications, GRE, and interview. I would focus on getting your shadowing experience in and have a clear answer for why you want to be a CRNA. Focus on doing well on your interviews because your application will get you the interview, but the interview can make or break you.

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