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  1. WndrlstRN

    Nurses with experience

    I've worked at each of those facilities! 😂 A residency program is very dependent on the unit in which you work. I did a residency at Gwinnett years ago and it was great. I feel like they really invested in their new nurses. However, I feel like most facilities do this. Personally, I didn't care for Emory as an employer, but everyone's experience is so different. My advice would be to know what area in which you want to work, do your research, apply, and go into the interviews with your goals in mind.
  2. If you're applying for a residency, they will usually let you apply with a deadline for obtaining your RN license. Just read the fine print. Residency positions generally pop up twice a year, depending on the facility, and they are EXTREMELY competitive. The sooner you can obtain your license and apply, the better off you'll be.
  3. WndrlstRN

    Residency Contract Buy-out

    I have known nurses that left a facility in the middle of their residency contract. The best thing to do is apply for positions you want (whether it be a residency or regular position) and either put it in the application (sometimes there is an area for this) or let the recruiter know when they call you. Oftentimes, the recruiters know what the options are.
  4. WndrlstRN

    Augusta University 2020 CRNA Applicants

    I'm not sure how they are notifying people who are waitlisted. It will probably be by mail though, at this point.
  5. WndrlstRN

    Augusta University 2020 CRNA Applicants

    Hi everyone! (Sorry, I'm a little late!) I received my call on Wednesday 4/24 - I interviewed on 4/19 in the afternoon. So excited for January! Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!
  6. WndrlstRN

    CRNA Prerequisites

    I would think a biostatistics course would suffice as 'graduate statistics' - if that answers your question. Are you currently an RN? If not, definitely keep your options open as far as what you want to do and shadow as many different roles as you can - Nurse Manager or Executive, Educator, NP, CRNA. You'd be surprised how many people are convinced they want to be a CRNA until they shadow in the OR for 4-6 hours at a time and hate it!
  7. WndrlstRN

    Emory CRNA 2018

    I couldn't tell you why Emory just now started a CRNA program, but there was definitely a need as the only program in the state (prior to Emory establishing their program) was at Augusta University. There was definitely a need for a program in the Atlanta area and I think Emory has the resources to develop an excellent program. From what I have learned, they have somewhere between 18-20 different clinical sites, including those with ACTs and CRNA-only practices, ranging from major academic facilities, to outpatient orthopedic (from my understanding, lots of PNB experience), to rural facilities. I think they have found a good mix of quality sites because it is Emory. The one caveat I noticed is that their sites are somewhat spread out in the Atlanta area and beyond but, as your said, this is probably because the area is so saturated with AAs and Anesthesia Residents. I don't doubt that the cost of the program will be justified by the education received and connections made by being in the program and I am sure Emory's name will carry some weight, similar to Duke and their highly regarded program. This is not to say that Emory's program will turn out better CRNAs over another program, but I think the program may have a broader focus in regard to the goals for their students - meaning more than just the OR.
  8. WndrlstRN

    I want to apply to crna school, is my gpa too low?

    I think you will be fine. Like the previous posters said, your GPA is one piece of your application packet - also your experience, certifications, GRE, and interview. I would focus on getting your shadowing experience in and have a clear answer for why you want to be a CRNA. Focus on doing well on your interviews because your application will get you the interview, but the interview can make or break you.
  9. WndrlstRN

    UAB CRNA 2018

    Anyone else here accepted and attending?
  10. WndrlstRN

    Piedmont Atlanta vs Grady Nurse Residency Program

    I would say apply to both. It is so competitive out there for new nurses that you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket. It definitely depends on the area of nursing you want to get into as far as which facility would benefit you most. For example, if you wanted to work with high acuity cardiac patients, Piedmont Atlanta would be the obvious choice. However, if you wanted to do trauma or neuro, Grady (Level I Trauma Center) would be better. In the Metro Atlanta area, most of your really sick patients are shipped to Grady, Emory, or Piedmont. Or CHOA for peds. From what I've heard, new grad pay is now generally $23-$25/hr before diffs.
  11. WndrlstRN

    Emory CRNA 2018

    For 2018, they are accepting 10 students. Apparently, last year there were 70-80 applicants for 10 spots. I imagine that the pool is larger this year since they are accredited and I think more people are aware that they have a program.
  12. WndrlstRN

    UAB CRNA 2018

    Got the email today!
  13. WndrlstRN

    UAB CRNA 2018

    GaMommy81, keep checking your email each day. I'm not sure if they send them out all at once or not. Where else have you applied?
  14. WndrlstRN

    UAB CRNA 2018

    Hi All, I received an interview invitation as well! Yay! Mine is for 9/19 and I only put Birmingham as my choice. Not sure how they are scheduling the interviews. Good luck to everyone who has one so far!
  15. WndrlstRN

    Emory CRNA 2018

    Yes, I did! I'm not sure how many applicants there are for the priority and regular deadlines, but good luck!
  16. WndrlstRN

    University of texas Arlington

    You won't know the actual cost for yourself until you apply to the program. It really depends on what prerequisites you still need to take. The admission process is fairly straightforward and the workload is flexible. You can take one class at a time or several at a time. It depends on what you are looking for and how long you want to take to finish. Just know that one class CAN be a lot of work! I finished there is August 2016 and I would recommend the program to anyone looking for an affordable, flexible program.