I visit the monument frequently, attend memorial service occasionally

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thats neat, thanks, I enjoyed reading that.


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That was really nice. Thanks for posting.


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Thanks Oramar, I will visit the memorial soon. That was very touching.....



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Let me know and I will meet you there. I am most likely going to Monday's service.


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I don't know my schedule, but I am working Sat and Sun and I don't think I am on Mon, sounds like a plan. .. Let's meet for a late breakfast first----I get really hungry. Sounds like a plan- I will let you know on Sat after work... I went in today and the scheduler has been out sick and it's not done yet.

I would love toooo, Yay!


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This is very interesting--makes you wonder how many other memorials are out there deteriorating.

My son and I visited the "women in Vietnam" memorial on our cross-country trip last summer; I wanted to get a poster or postcards, but the "official" gift shop didn't stock posters/postcards of that memorial, just the "guy" memorials. I was VERY miffed. I had to take my own pictures which didn't turn out as well as a poster/postcard taken by a professional would have.

It was very moving, in any case, and I very glad we got to see it.


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It is a simple little concrete thing but the thought is what counts. The ceremony is simple also. Just the nurses and a band from the American legion. Maybe 20 people there plus the band on cold Novemeber mornings. This year, now that it is in paper, a lot more people will most likely show up. I did a post here about a year ago, maybe two, on what a sad little monument it was and what a small little ceremony it was.


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That was a very interesting and touching story. Thanks for posting it.


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Very nice to read...thank you.


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Cargal and I went to the service yesterday. Like I said it was very modest. It was nice to see the WWII nurses that came there to the service. They climbed the steps to stand by the monument. It was so touching. I missed the band. They did not have a band this year.

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