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I have twins and passed NCLEXPN


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I have had a looog journey with nursing school. My program was for 2 yrs. I would have been done Feb. 8 2011 but got pregnant with my twins which are my blessings so i was done school April 30. I have been reading post and some people have to take the NCLEX a few times that doen't matter as long as you never give up you will reach your goal. I will admit I thought the NCLEX PN was a beast. The suff I thought I knew the answer wasn't there but what helps is to look at what the ? is askig you and pick the best answer. I got my official reults today after taking the test on Sunday morning. I passed I am now an LPN. God is good. I am very blessed. No matter what happens in your life you can get through it and achieve your goals. I hope this inspires someone :)

My study tools were saunders comprehensive review (green book) and exam cram along with the cd's that come with each book. I didn't read all of saunders to long read about 30 chapters. I read all of exam cram and did the similated exam about 5 times. I did over 2000 ?'s on saunders no idea how many on exam cram. Do alot of ?'s and read a few NCLEX strategies it will help in answering ?'s. Study what your weak in and spend the most time on that.

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Congrats !!!! So inspiring. My mother also made it through LPN and RN school with twins.


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Thaank you!!:)