I took the NCLEX-PN today!!!

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It shut off after 90 questions.....I did the Pearson "trick" and according to that I passed...we shall see! :nurse:

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Good luck


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Good luck buddy! go watch some movies, go sight seeing cos you cannot change anything about the exams but above all be positive.


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You'll do gr8! My fiance suprised me by calling 24 hours (not pearson but Florida board of health) and they said a new liscence had been issued for my social securty number RN _ _ _ _ _ _ but gift I ever got ^_^ actual just got the physical one today! You'll do great!!!! But yea If anything get your mind off it by doing something else!


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Good luck.

Took the Nclex PN today computer shut off at 113 question I am scared cause I don't think I was well prepared :-(


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I am assuming that the SBON website won't be updated on a Sunday so I am paying for quick results tomorrow as I can't wait for my official results!!


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The trick worked for me...........I PASSED!!!!!!!!!

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The trick worked for me...........I PASSED!!!!!!!!!

How did you do the trick? What is that pop up look like and what does it say? When will it come up? before you get to the CC page?

Please let me know..


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i copied this from another post on this site, here are the directions:

1) do this "trick" properly. go to www.pearsonvue.com/nclex so there is no confusion and all of us on the same bandwagon. click on my account on the right hand side of the screen. log-in with your userid and password that you used when you initially register for the test on-line. if you did it by phone or scantron....im not really sure what to do. sorry.

2) most important thing when doing this "trick" is that the status of your exam appointment must say "delivered successfully" doesn't matter if its 1, 2 or 10 hrs after you took the test....it has to say delivered successfully. otherwise this "trick" won't work for you until it does. this is the most crucial step of all.

3) when it say delivered successfully, go to the upper left hand side and click on register. choose either the rn or the pn test. then hit next. select your country. answer the 3 yes/no questions and it really doesn't matter what you put here...believe me i tried all different combo. select which school you graduated from, select the date, and the state you are taking your boards for. then the moment of truth....if you get a pop-up that says "another exam is schedule, you can't register, contact your board member".....breathe and relax...you passed!!! seriously....you passed!!! unless they changed their system....you passed!!! pop the bubbly.

4) if you get to a credit card payment screen....from what i have gathered.....that means you didn't pass....i am truly sorry....but don't give up. look at it this way....you have a heads up to starting studying and preparing for next time. don't loose faith....we need help out there in the workforce.

5) theory behind this "trick" is simple....pearson knows if you pass or failed as soon as you are done taking the exam....so once the results are delivered....their system knows if you can register again or not. if you pass, their system will block you from double booking them....but if you failed....they are more then happy to charge you again.

6) please stop calling pearson about this "trick" and wondering if it works or not. it really does!!! think about the theory in #5. we don't want them to change their system. don't ruin it for future rn grad....cuz it is the only anxiety relief future nurses will get about their test result. just spread the word to your friends.

7) doesn't matter how many question you took, what test you took, or what state you took it in, or even country...as long as its a pearson nclex....this "trick" works!!!

8) i feel really bad for nurses in california....you guys have really long wait time for your results....hang in there and have some relief if you get the most wonderful pop-up to ever grace your computer screen!!!:nuke::nuke::nuke:

well that is my experience. kinda long i know....but its better than reading 1400+ responses. i know ppl out there will still be skeptical...and think what if it doesn't work for me, or what if i am the one who got the pop-up and failed....well....it hasn't so far. unless pearson changes their system....this is working!!! just follow the steps correctly. a few ppl who are contradicting this "trick" later on realize that they messed up the process.

so if this "trick" works out in your favor....relax a little....and get some sleep. and believe me...after reading this you will still be checking...and wondering what if? i have been there and done that. if you must to keep your sanity then do it....but as for me i am going to bed now!

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